Billy Crawford accused of supposed 'sour-graping'

Billy Crawford took to social media recently to say goodbye to fans amid the impending demise of "Tropang LOL," the noon time show he co-hosts on TV5.

He wrote on Instagram, “Super fun while it lasted! This show gave so many opportunities to people who had lost their jobs at a vulnerable time. 2.5 years ain’t that bad, especially during the pandemic season and a time of uncertainty in our industry."

He went on to thank show producer Albee Benitez for "giving us this venue to work for our families while having fun and being free, and also opening doors for others.”

“I will miss the atmosphere of this show because it was so genuinely light, friendly, uplifting for everyone, and each person on the team worked so hard.”

He added, “No drama, no divas, no pulling anyone down. Walang naka-angat, at walang nagmamaliit. But as I said, good things sometimes come to an end. I just pray that, one day, God will be able to give us a new home to continue what we have started. But Father, Your will be done in Jesus’s name. No matter what happens, the relationship built on this show will be cherished forever.“

“Lots of tears on the last day of taping, but also lots of freaking laughter cause that’s just who we are. #TroplangLol thank you to everyone who watched and supported us since the beginning. To all my co-workers, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon. Love you all, Tropang LoL!”

While there are those who were quick to commiserate with Billy, including Kim Atienza, not a few fans grumbled over the lines "no divas, no pulling anyone down..." believing it is meant as a put down of sorts targeting former co-hosts in "It's Showtime," particularly Vice Ganda.

Some of the comments: 

"Sour grapes accla? Tapos na show mo. Hindi kasalanan ni Vice yun."

“Would have been better if wala nang parinig..."

"Hay naku. tama na.. talo na. tahimik na lang dapat."