Parents of two siblings who drowned in septic tank hole in Talisay City assured of legal assistance

CEBU CITY – Authorities in Talisay City, southern Cebu are still investigating the death of two siblings, who fell into a hole intended for a septic tank on Sunday, April 9.


TALISAY City Mayor Samsam Gullas inspects the open hole where two siblings fell and drowned on Sunday, April 9. (Photo from Mayor Samsam Gullas Facebook page)

Gullas said initial investigation showed that the digging has no permits.

The owner of the lot has been identified through the declaration but the police are conducting further investigation as there were reports that the property has already been sold, Gullas said.

Gullas on Tuesday, April 11, visited the family of the two boys aged six and seven.

The two siblings and two other children were playing kites in the area when they decided to wash their feet in the open hole which had already accumulated water.

As the two siblings tried to wash their feet, they clung onto a flat bar that was used to cordon off the hole when they suddenly fell into the muddy digging.

The two siblings, who were not strong swimmers, drowned while the two other children were fortunate to climb out of the hole.

Gullas assured the parents of the two siblings that the City Legal Office will provide necessary assistance should they pursue charges against the owner of the property where the digging is located.