FASHION PULIS: Sincerity for her

A few years ago, the dreamy wedding of a non-showbiz couple was featured in an online site that highlights impressive staging of a couple’s special day. The couple looked very much in love and happy with each other. The bride comes from a well-to-do clan in the country, has studied and lived overseas.

Fast-forward to several years later, the marriage might be over. Dashing Groom (DG) has been spotted with a Well-loved Personality (WP). WP’s life has been in the spotlight as her social media accounts have a mass of followers. However, questions on DG’s intentions emerged as some followers knew that DG was still married despite the separation. Typically, a single person carrying a relationship with someone married will not be met kindly and tagged as the third party. Even without knowing the circumstances, bashers might call out WP as the third party. Such will not be acceptable to her followers and family.

According to the grapevine, DG has done a move that could be interpreted as his sincerity in his relationship with WP. DG apparently filed for divorce because of WP. Being single would lessen the awkwardness when he faces WP’s family and friends, as well as protective fans who are wary that WP might suffer another heartbreak.

Of course, only time can tell if WP has finally found the one in DG.

‘Love can get us through the hardest times. It can also be our hardest times.’ ― Kristin Hannah

The flusher
Persons have their own various oddities and practices that would seem strange to the majority. For example, people follow superstitions, which can be plenty even for showbiz projects. While some personal practices are kept private, surprising instances pave the way for accidental revelations.

A quirky incident occurred in one of the high-end places in the metro. Demanding Celebrity (DC) went to an exclusive cinema to watch a movie to avoid unwanted attention. With high cost, DC was assured only a select few would be in the audience, that is, only those who can afford to pay the fee. Thus, she would not have to bother with her fans from the masses.

After some time in the cinema, DC wanted to use the restroom. She then instructed the staff to clear the cubicles as she needed to be by her lonesome. The staff followed and the women who were in the restroom were asked to leave after their business. Finally, DC was left to do her needs.

After some time, DC called out An Assistant (AA). AA came to DC’s cubicle and the sound gave away the reason why AA was called. DC was outside the door of the cubicle, as the flush sounded off. Apparently, AA has an interesting item in the job description. AA was DC’s personal flusher, among others.  

‘I'm an oddity of one, my strangeness too complicated to explain or share.’ ― Libba Bray

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