5 reasons to check out Julia Barretto’s very first swimwear collection

And it's under The Juju Club label

A pandemic project that started in 2021, Julia Barretto’s very first product release was the bucket hats that continues to be a big hit up until now. “It’s just so sunny all year round, especially this summer. So, it’s so important for me to accessorize but also protect ourselves from the sun,” referring to her bucket hats and sunglasses. She’s also happy to share that their products are inclusive, “We get tags from guys and they feel proud wearing our hats and caps.”

JujuClub swimwear.jpg

Selling under the label The Juju Club, its product categories have now expanded to sunglasses, banana clips, and, this 2023, swimwear! “We’ve been working on this for quite a long time. I remember the first batch and I even asked my mom to try them on. During our shoot, our models had good words and feedback,” Julia tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. And this is what The Juju Club is all about. “It’s a club, and everybody is welcomed. I want everybody to feel like it’s a community where everybody can be a part of it. I wanted to make sure that everybody could wear them and feel good in them.” More on Juju Swim below. 

Locally made
“I’m super proud that they are locally made. Hello, it’s summer all year round here in the Philippines, who else would know how to do swimwear better than us.”

So many designs and sizes to choose from
Choose from nine flattering designs, with a wide range of available sizes. “We have a lot of sizes that are available for every body type from extra-small to extra large.”

Available in neutral colors 
“With this first line, I wanted to focus on essentials and basic colors,” she continues. “There are three colors but you can wear it so many times, something you can do so on repeat.” 

Wardrobe essentials
“This is not just a regular swim line, like for example, I'm wearing one of our tops. For this Moira top, you can just wear a blazer over it and a nice pair of pants with your heels for a more formal look or your rubber shoes for a more casual vibe. I wanted it to be very flexible.”

Mix and match
Aside from one-piece swimsuits, Julia also included two-piece styles that can be purchased separately. This way, you can choose which tops and bottoms work for your body type. 

JujuClubswimwear 2.jpg

The one-piece swimsuits are priced between P2,950 to P3,200, while the separates start at P1,250. “We priced it that way, because there’s no denying they’re really made of good quality,” Julia adds. 

When asked why she expanded from bucket hats to swimwear, “It's everything that represents me and it's so easy to sell and share something with the world when you believe in your own products and when you like your own product. Everything you see here is very me. I'm not going to put something in The Juju Club that I wouldn't use myself.”

*Visit www.thejujuclub.co for more details. International shipping is available, too!