5 signs the CRF150L is the off-road bike for you

The CRF150’s tech-packed motorsport features

For those who are independent and always seeking out adventures, there's a motorcycle that's ready to explore new things with you and take the experience up a notch. If excitement and going beyond your limits appeals to you, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) has the perfect partner to explore off-grid destinations in the form of the CRF150L.

1. You’re in command at all times.

If uphill, downhill, step-ups, table-tops, and whoops are what energize you, it could be a sign that you crave experiencing what others usually don’t. The CRF150L’s compact and lightweight configuration makes it well-suited for highly challenging terrain like this. It measures 2,119mm x 793mm x 1,153mm, along with a curb weight of 122-kg and a seat height of 863 mm. This makes it easy for anyone (even beginners) to mount and maneuver the dirt bike on any terrain, even off-road. With the CRF150L easy handling dynamics, no one will notice if it’s your first time going off-road.

2.  You’re usually unpredictable

You often surprise people with your next steps and you love challenging the status quo. Your passions keep you recharged and inspired.  This is where the importance of having a reliable engine is a must in motocross riding, whether for city driving or otherwise.

Designed for off-road riding, the CRF150L's five-speed constant mesh transmission is paired with a 149cc four-Stroke, two-valves, SOHC, air-cooled, PGM-Fi engine to take you anywhere and over anything. It also delivers great power at 91.13-kW of maximum power at 8,000 rpm and 11.94-Nm of maximum torque at 6,500 rpm. Couple these with a hydraulic disc brake system and solid chassis, and you’re all set to go anywhere, hardly feeling the bumps at all.
3. You like to experiment.

Experimenting with different perspectives is another thing that draws your interest. Inspired by people and ideas, you constantly strive to reinvent and learn new things. Its full-size dirt profile wheels are in the standard motocross. The CRF150L rolls on 21-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels.

The CRF150L is built on a steel-tube cradle-frame, now lighter in weight but equipped with the strength to handle unpredictable trail situations. It's rugged enough to  perform well both on streets and trails. Thanks to the light but sturdy construction, it can take the punishment of a full day of off-road adventure without tiring the rider.

4. You’re a daydreamer.

Your powerful imagination makes your world rich with color. Since you’re not content with just theoretically exploring new concepts, a powerful machine like the CRF150L is the ideal match for your passion. Test out what you believe you can overcome. Thankfully, it’s also built for climbing rocks but still sturdy enough not to be damaged by scrapes or the occasional fall.

5. You’re competitive and driven.

As a vibrant and vain friend, you want to look your best without overdoing it. A hobby like motorsports is best pursued with the CRF150L. Bring back the thrill of being outdoors and performing at your best whether in nature or kicking up some dirt on dusty land. If you’re the type who loves to hit the road non-stop, in a fast pace, and full of adventure, motorsports might be your ticket to the experience you’re after

The Honda CRF150L comes in three color variants, namely, Black, Extreme Red, and the new Ross White with a suggested retail price of P147,900.00. This off-road motorcycle gives an excellent fuel efficiency up to 45.5 Km/L. So you’re sure to go further than your daily ride. Start to Unlimit your World now.
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