Here’s How to Charge your Electric Vehicle ‘E-nywhere’ in the Philippines at SM Supermalls

Above: SM rolls out
the biggest chain of E-Vehicle Charging Stations in the Philippines with over
27 malls nationwide. (Photo taken at SM
Mall of Asia, with a Porsche Taycan plugged in)

The shift from petrol to fully-electric vehicles is already beginning as more and more brands start to offer fully EVs in their lineups. The perks have never been better, too, as these cars are now exempted from number coding.

For those early adopters who are already enjoying the perks of owning an electric vehicle, SM Supermalls has an added treat. The mall chain has already rolled Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in multiple locations nationwide.

032423SMEVCharging2.jpg *The roll-out of* the mall’s EV Charging Stations is in line with SM’s Green Movement to reduce carbon footprint in the Philippines. SM encourages its mall goers to use an E-Vehicle when visiting its malls. (Photo taken at SM Southmall, with an Audi e-tron SUV plugged in.)

As the first mall brand to introduce the EV Charging Stations in parking areas, SM has expanded to 27 locations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, offering the largest distribution of E-Vehicle Charging Stations in the Philippines. This is hoped to give shoppers and travelers an easy and convenient way to recharge their vehicles in an SM mall.

032423SMEVCharging8.jpg *SM City Baguio launches the fast charging station that could power up your vehicle in under an hour. Present in the launch were (from left): Michael Jason* Pena, and Engr. Marc Janssen Pe from SM City Baguio; Mr. Mike De Joya, President of Emicor Inc.; Dr. Pepita S. Picpican, Asst. Regional Director of the DOST; Engr. Doy Tabilog from the Baguio City Mayor’s Office; Domingo Gomez, Rona Vida Correa, and Jed Reyes of SM.

In line with SM’s Green Movement to help limit the carbon footprint in the Philippines, these charging stations encourage even more people to make the shift to sustainable mobility. By deploying charging stations in more SM malls throughout the country, owners of these vehicles will no longer have to contend with range anxiety or the fear of running out of battery before arriving at your destination.

032423SMEVCharging6.jpg *Car owners can* charge all the way in Visayas and Mindanao, with stations present in Cebu, Seaside City, CDO Updtown, CDO Downtown, and Lanang. (Photo taken at SM City Cebu with an Audi e-tron GT plugged in.)

When taking your electric vehicle around the city or even out of town, simply plan your trips around SM malls to be sure you’ll have a place to charge. Being available in South Luzon, North Luzon, Metro Manila, customers can enjoy a leisurely lunch in Sky Ranch Tagaytay and dessert all the way in SM City Baguio. The charging stations are also present in Cebu, Davao, CDO, and other convenient locations.

032423SMEVCharging5.jpg *Car drifter, Ashley Sison, happily tries out the EV Charging Station in SM City Clark.*

Each SM mall will have at least one Wallbox Pulsar Plus AC charger with a charging power of up to 7.4kW and a 5-meter integrated charging cable. These charging stations are compatible with all CCS Type 2 electrified cars currently being sold such as Audi e-tron sedan and SUV, all BYD EVs, BMW  iX and iX3, Chery Tiggo 8 PHEV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Honqi E-HS9, Jaguar iPace, Kia EV6, Mercedes Benz EQC and EQS, Porsche Taycan, Volvo Twin Power (T8) models, Weltmeister W5, and Japanese vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Car owners with other e-vehicles can also bring their Type 1 adaptors to plug into the Type 2 charger.

Charging is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1: Remove the charger from the charging station. Most malls use the
Wallbox Type 2 Charger, but customers may also bring an adaptor for a Type 1
Charger. (Photo from SM City Sta. Rosa)

Step 2: Plug the charger into the car
and wait for the indicator in the E-Vehicle to turn green. (Photo from SM Megamall)

032423SMEVCharging3.jpg *Step 3: Leave your car to charge for* FREE and enjoy the mall amenities, restaurants and leisure activities! (Photo from SM City BF)

The charging stations open when the mall opens, meaning they are operational from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Best of all, charging your electric-vehicle at SM is FREE. So plug in your vehicles and spend time at SM malls catching a movie, eating at a restaurant or shopping while your vehicle is charging. When you return, you can rest assured that you’ve added many more kilometers of driving to your battery.

032423SMEVCharging9.jpg *To encourage* more customers to change to E-Vehicles, SM gives dedicated parking at their EV Charging Stations and special deals for EV Owners through (Photo taken from SM City North EDSA with an Audi e-tron plugged in.)

To entice more car owners to join the green movement by switching to E-Vehicles, SM is also rewarding EV drivers with exclusive perks and discounts to enjoy while in the mall via Eager to start planning your next road trip with your electric vehicle? These are the SM malls where you can already charge your
electric vehicles.

Metro Manila Luzon Visayas Mindanao
SM North Edsa SM City Baguio SM City Cebu SM City CDO Uptown
SM Mall of Asia SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown SM Seaside City Cebu SM CDO Downtown Premier
SM Southmall SM City Clark SM Lanang Premier
SM Megamall SM City Trece Martires
SM Aura Premier SM City Sta. Rosa
The Podium Sky Ranch Tagaytay
SM City Valenzuela SM City Naga
SM City Grand Central
SM Fairview
SM Manila
SM City San Lazaro
SM Bicutan
SM Marikina
SM Sta. Mesa

Thanks to SM’s initiative of deploying electric vehicle charging stations, car owners can charge e-nywhere and help save the earth! For more information, visit or follow @SMSupermalls on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.