Bringing out the beauty of every Filipino woman

Celebrating Women’s Month with LifeStrong Marketing Inc.

Even at a young age, Margaret ‘Marge’ Lee, COO and managing director of Lifestrong Marketing Inc. (LMI) has always exhibited a hands-on approach to business. Her decision to develop a local brand of personal care products stems from the idea that achieving beauty does not have to break the bank. “Everyone deserves to be beautiful. And I know we can compete alongside well-established multinational brands in the market” says Marge.

Marge’s quality of work has been ingrained in her during her formative years. She persevered thru her board exams to become a licensed pharmacist, worked as an employee, and realized she can do more if she put up her own business along with her husband, Lance Lee. “Coming from Zamboanga City, when I was a teenager, it was clear to me that I have to do my best, since women are usually underestimated.”  From this, she soon realized her idea had become a passion project, fell in love with it, and never looked back.

Over the last 15 years, to meet the needs of everyone from all walks of life, Lifestrong Maketing Inc. has brought quality and affordable personal care brands into a highly competitive market such as Megan, Hairfix, DermAid, Pretty Secret, CathyDoll, NutriXpert, BodyXpert, Chummy Baby, and more.

“We started with only a handful of employees in our first year. Until today, we commit to being consistent with our suppliers and especially our customers to build and keep their trust” adds Marge. She believes in being agile and adjusting to the demands of the market.

Her ideas, passion, and struggles all came to fruition as the brands were widely accepted by many. From a mere passion project, her goals materialized into something that is currently a staple in every household. Overcoming the hurdles of running a company is a constant thing that Marge faced. But as she learns to navigate the hustle and bustle of the industry, what keeps her going is her relentless faith. “Trust in the Lord and give your 100% best, so that at the end of the day, you will be without any regrets,” tells Marge.

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Aside from empowering and honing herself to serve the community with quality household brands and products, Marge is also a firm advocate of giving back to the community. Throughout LMI’s success are projects which are deep-rooted in aiming to have a positive impact in society– by making social responsibility one of her core, civic obligations. Every year, LMI initiates programs and drives for children, calamity victims, and other sectors in marginalized communities who are in dire need of help.

Seen as a woman with a tough and tenacious personality, Marge remains to have a soft spot for the things that are close to her heart as she unceasingly encourages the people around her, also through LMI, to make a positive influence on society that will inspire others to do the same in lending a helping hand. More so, albeit having a stern yet affectionate mindset, Marge has her eyes set on continuously becoming the best version of herself.

In the last three years, Marge and the rest of LMI have successfully adapted to the demands of the market from serving trade to transitioning the business to online– and now, meeting the demands of both offline and online consumers together with LMI’s retail partners around the country, industry giants like Watsons, SM Beauty Department Store, Mercury Drug, 711, SM Supermarket, Robinsons Department Store and so much more.

With the demands of the beauty and personal care industry constantly changing, Marge has embraced her responsibility to keep working on her brands. Striving to produce high-quality and affordable products that are accessible to every Filipino woman. "Always be ready to accept the challenge. Change is constant. It is our responsibility to learn and adapt."