PCG rescues 4 crew of distressed motor banca struck by dolphin in Cagayan

SANTA ANA, Cagayan – The Philippine Coast Guard rescued four crew of a distressed motor banca struck by a dolphin in the sea off Palaui Island here on Monday, March 20.

The M/B Kiray was traversing the vicinity waters 20 nautical miles north of Palaui Island enroute to Babuyan Claro when its starboard bow was accidentally hit by the dolphin with an estimated length of five feet.

As a result, the motorbanca was half-submerged.

Crew had to throw some cargo overboard to stop the motor banca from submerging further.

A search and rescue (SAR) operation team was dispatched and scoured the vicinity waters.

The SAR team on board an aluminum boat rescued the crew. They were all found to be in good condition.

The motor banca was abandoned by the captain because it was difficult to tow.