Las Piñas City Health Office holds family planning caravan

At a glance

  • Photo courtesy of Las Piñas PIO / MANILA BULLETIN

The Las Piñas City Health Office (CHO) led on Thursday, March 16, a family planning caravan that aims to reduce mortality and morbidity of future mothers and frequent child bearers.

According to Mayor Imelda Aguilar, the family planning caravan held at Barangay Elias Aldana covered court was attended by Vice Mayor April Aguilar.

Participants of the activity included frequent child bearers, as well as expecting mothers who wished to plan the number of children they wanted.

During the event, the CHO conducted lectures on family planning and responsible parenthood.

Aguilar said the CHO also distributed condoms and birth control pills to participants.

Services such as free installation of progestin or contraceptive implants were also offered by the CHO at the event.

Aguilar explained that the implant involves placing a small, soft piece of plastic that releases hormones called progestogen under the skin of a woman’s upper arm. The implant works by stopping woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs, she added.