Women’s group pushes for P750-wage increase

At a glance

  • Photo courtesy of Gabriela Partylist

Alliance of Filipino women Gabriela said one of the solutions to alleviate the suffering of Filipinos is to make an adjustment to the country’s wage system.

This wage increase, according to Gabriela, is the solution to “people’s poverty.”

“In a time when prices are soaring and the real value of our salaries is depreciating, the solution is clear: we need a change and an increase in our wages, not a change in constitution,” said Gabriela Secretary-General Clarice Palce in a statement on Tuesday, March 14.

If the proposed P750 wage increase is granted, the daily minimum salary of employees in Metro Manila will climb to P1,320. Employees in BARMM will also benefit from the proposed wage increase, noted by Gabriela, raising the current P341 minimum wage in the region to P1,091.

According to the group, the P750 wage increase will fill in the current gap between minimum wage and family living wage. This demand, Gabriela stressed, was a product of nationwide consultations with Filipino workers in various sectors.

“Instead of Marcos Jr. 's pro-trapo, pro-foreigner, and anti-people Cha-Cha, we express our support for a suitable legislative alternative: Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP) bill for a P750 wage increase across the board,” Palce furthered.