How true is it that Homegrown Talent (HT) is moving out of her identified Mother Station (MS)?

Over the years, HT developed into one of the country’s youthful composers and singers. MS was instrumental in HT’s reaching her status. Her music was anticipated and patronized by the public.

When time passes, a talent has to move with the times as well. HT attempted to be up to date with public clamor with her projects. However, as she matured, her priorities changed as well. HT gave in to the call of family and pursued another direction.

Now, the rumor mill is abuzz that HT might become visible again. This time, HT will be with Another Station (AS).

The alleged leap from MS to AS will surely create a stir among fans and loyal supporters of the former. After all, HT has long-been identified with HT. AS has its share of singers and HT, as a newcomer if ever, will have to prove her worth to stand alongside its current crop of talents.

Incidentally, another rumor is that a Management Team (MT) is slowly pulling out its people from a talent group. MT has an impressive lineup of talented personalities who are mostly identified with a network. Nonetheless, any manager would always want the best opportunity for talents. If the grass is greener, moving to the other side of the fence to benefit its team is a management prerogative.

‘In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.’ − Theodore Roosevelt

Unexpected rudeness

Whenever a Filipino competes overseas, he or she is lucky to gain the support of the community. Filipino communities are known to be generous and go all-out to make the competitor welcome. Hospitality of Filipinos transcends oceans.

During the time that Pretty Lass (PL) found herself abroad, her team was treated to a celebration of sorts before they left. The Filipino chef prepared the meals for the entourage, consisting of more than a dozen.

Prior to eating, PL questioned the location of their table. She apparently wanted a closed room for the team, but the venue did not have such. Besides, the venue was like an ‘it’ place, where people dine to be seen.

After the sumptuous meal, some guests realized PL did not even acknowledge the chef for the preparation and food. In addition, she snubbed a couple of former actresses who were dining as well. Usually, when Filipino celebrities come across each other abroad, they exchange greetings even for a moment. Thus, PL’s behavior raised eyebrows.

Finally, PL was not friendly to the Filipino staff. This attitude made the entourage feel embarrassed, as the least she could do was to be pleasant. Her chosen path dictates the exercise of public relations, which she seemed to lack then. No wonder questions on her attitude have been raised these days.

‘Be proactive not reactive, for an apparently insignificant issue ignored today can spawn tomorrow's catastrophe.’ ― Ken Poirot

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