Sailing to your dream beachfront property at The Spinnaker

Landco’s latest premium, iconic, and sustainable condominium

If there are some things the last three years of a global health crisis have taught us; it’s that one, quality of life and wellness can never be undervalued, and that two, sustainability is the all-important refrain everyone has to subscribe to in order to build a future that’s worth living in.

Landco is well aware of these ‘lessons’, and it placed Sustainability and quality of living as ruling DNA’s of its corporate vision in real estate development, and its offerings, not because they have to, but because it is the right thing to do.

Its Beach Towns in Batangas and its latest development -- The Spinnaker at the 23-hectare Club Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, a 22-story condotel that’s like no other, is a great example of how Landco lives and breathes this commitment as it develops properties, and makes them available to the public.

Erickson Y. Manzano shared that Landco has been a pioneer premium real estate developer for more than 30 years and envisions the company to continue to trailblaze, in terms of design and sustainability. He hopes that Landco’s sustainability initiatives will be emulated by other developers and become the industry norm in a decade.

Though the Philippine market is not yet at the level that it is willing to pay a premium for sustainability, Landco takes a bold step as the company shoulders the additional investments from their margins, i.e., they take less profit.

Landco Beach Towns Club Laiya where the Spinnaker is located, along with nearby CaSoBe are both LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-registered for the properties’ double-piping system for water recycling measures; permeable pedestrian lanes and tree-lined walkways around the property to reduce carbon footprints; and murals and design details across the property that puts into the spotlight the importance of marine life and highly encourage our residents to walk.

These Beach Towns are the first to adopt a double-piped water management system in the country. The water recycling feature of the Beach Towns allows wastewater to be treated and piped back for toilet flushing, irrigation, and other uses. The result is the exponential reduction of water consumption and significantly less water bills for their lot owners.

Resembling the headsail of a yacht, the uniquely designed The Spinnaker is pursuing EDGE certification from the World Bank, and targeting to meet the criteria of at least 20% savings on the use of resources - and these include Water, Energy, and Embodied Materials. The condotel plans to be the very first to feature the double-piped waterline system, so that its non-potable water can also be appropriately reused, saving on the usage of potable water.Similarly, there will be an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station to help reduce carbon footprint - and more importantly, solve the issue of how to charge EV’s when they’re taken on road trips out of town. In fact, as part of Landco’s Club Laiya, The Spinnaker will be a key component of eco-friendly development.

Landco’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda at Club Laiya is in partnership with the landowner partner Aplaya Laiya Corporation, which includes collaborative conservation efforts, mangrove tree planting, support to local fisherfolks, and livelihood projects for the local community.

For Landco’s commitment to sustainability as reflected in its Beach Towns that emphasize sustainable developments in the prime tourist and leisure destinations of Batangas, the premium real estate developer is the recipient of the Grand Award of Best Boutique Developer in Luzon by the country’s well-respected real estate award-giving body, Philippine Lamudi’s Outlook 2022 Real Estate Awards.On the global stage, Landco is honored to receive the 2022 Most Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developer in the Philippines Award by the Pan Finance International Award and the 2022 International Finance Award (IFA) for Best Luxury Leisure Concept in the Philippines for its Beachtowns Club Laiya and CaSoBe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if when completed, The Spinnaker will be an imposing design and become as iconic for this Batangas area as the Burj Al Arab is in Dubai. Itis also deemed to attract awards for its sustainability thrust.

This premium, medium-rise beachfront condominium with 247 curated units, with terraced levels and generous cuts, will be highlighted by a sixth floor 250 sqm. infinity pool, and ultra-modern Miami vibes. Hotel-like amenities abound: commercial spaces for dining and leisure activities, a well-designed and thought-out lobby, a convenient drop off area, common and podium parking, meeting rooms and storage facilities a gym and spa, a kid’s pool along with the aforementioned infinity pool, lounge area, a children’s play zone, a ballroom for social and corporate functions, a sky bar and helipad. Essential appliances are provided for each unit - split-type AC, an inverter Ref, induction cooktop, range hood, and multi-point water heater.

Landco Pacific Corporation is a subsidiary of the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC). Back in 2000, I had the opportunity to interview MPIC Chairman Manny Pangilinan, and he was talking about convergence and connectivity way before other players here in the Philippines were taking those words out of their ‘pockets’. So you know that when MPIC and by extension, Landco, are talking sustainability, they’re leaving no stone unturned in making certain these are sound, sustainable developments, taking full advantage of the latest in design and technology to enhance its sustainable elements.

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