FASHION PULIS: Not flaunting this time

As a celebrity, the public has kept Female Endorser (FE) under scrutiny since she was old enough to join showbiz. FE has successfully made a career based on her looks and talents despite having connections. However, what has made FE a popular figure for online stalking is her colorful love life.

The public is always curious about the love matters of celebrities. While fans ship their idols and wallow in glee if a reel couple end up real, FE has never been matched with eligible bachelors in the industry. They find and fall for her. Of course, FE had her share of heartaches and subsequently gained sympathy.

Given that FE has been open about her love exploits, followers have wondered why her social media accounts have remained silent since her last failed relationship. Previously, FE would post about her relationships but recently, no related posts have appeared.

FE’s heart is fine and beating for someone. Yet, FE has been mum publicly over her personal affairs and her new relationship. FE found herself in a sticky situation with her New Beau (NB). Unlike her boyfriends before, NB is allegedly not single, which places FE in an awkward position. Hence, posting freely about him might lead to FE being condemned as a third party and hit with harsher words. After all, society frowns on mistresses.

‘I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.’ – Pablo Neruda

Extent of influence

Significant changes are happening in the industry. It seems that gone are the days of tight exclusivity among talents. Previously, a talent of a network was prohibited from guesting in another channel or if a talent needed to, he/she had to ask for a lot of permissions. The emergence of digital platforms has contributed to this shift as well.

The public benefits from seeing celebrities on online platforms. Those celebrities talk about their lives, sometimes in line with plugging a project or opening their hearts in response to controversy. Similarly, the talent movement is already embraced by fans. They do have to find new projects if their current management cannot offer them as much.

However, despite various movements of talents and the seeming openness to embrace talents coming from once-deemed as rival stations, a Network Personality (NP) is allegedly exercising influence in blocking Vibrant Figure (VF). NP and VF used to work together but times have changed. They have chosen diverse paths. Although they are not vocal against each other, the grapevine is talking about how VF could not even guest on NP's network. VF has been mum over the rumor despite fingers pointing at NP. The question is still why NP is being accused as the culprit even if NP is not part of management. Perhaps, their friendship then was not true after all.

‘Build bridges, not walls.’ ― Suzy Kassem

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