Vilma Santos on allegations against Luis Manzano: 'I know my son'

Vilma Santos couldn't help but feel emotional when asked recently about her son, actor-TV host Luis Manzano, who is embroiled in a legal tussle.

In an interview on "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda," the 69-year-old seasoned actress admitted it's "not easy" for her to see her son go through such.

Then she started crying, relating: "Mahirap din kasi na kung minsan, it's your job to do good, to show people that you're conformable, pero deep inside you're hurting."

"And the only thing I can say is I know my son. Ang anak ko tumutulong hindi nanloloko," she reiterated.

Then she went on to issue a message to Luis' bashers.

"Yung mga nagsasalita at nanghuhusga sa kanya, dahan-dahan lang kayo, walang ibang nakakakilala sa anak ko kun'di ako. And I know, he’s such a good person," she pointed out.

In any case, Vilma is praying for guidance "Not even for myself, but for my children."

She also pleaded: “Ako na lang, wag lang ang anak ko. Ako na lang.”

Meanwhile, Vilma also gave Luis a heartwarming assurance.

“You will be fine, anak. Madaming nagdarasal para sa’yo. And the truth will prevail. Alam ng mga tao ‘yan, tumutulong ka, anak. Hindi ka nanloloko. And I love you.  I love you, Lucky.”

Recall that early this month when the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) sent a summon to Luis in relation to an estafa issue involving Flex Fuel Petroleum Corporation.

It was Luis who actually requested the agency to investigate the company after several investors purportedly approached him seeking aid in recovering their investments in the fuel company.

In a letter addressed to NBI Director Atty. Medardo De Lemos dated Nov. 8, 2022, Luis through his counsel, Atty. Regidor Caringal, clarified that he had “resolved to divest his interest and resigned as chairman of the board” of several corporations in the ICM group headed by Chief Executive Officer Ildefonso “Bong” Medel, including Flex Fuel Petroleum Corporation.

In an affidavit dated Dec. 21, 2022, Luis explained that he was made chairman of the boards of Bong’s companies “as one of the guaranties for my investment.”

But he stressed that he never took part in the management of the business. And that he later resigned and formally disassociated himself from ICM group companies, including Flex Fuel.

“Bong conducted the business in such a way that operational matters were kept away from me,” was how Luis put it, reiterating that Bong did not disclose “important matters” to him.