FASHION PULIS: Best of both worlds

Lover Boy (LB) and Showbiz Personality (SP) have endured many controversies that observers worried their relationship would go down the drain. LB and SP have been together for many years and they seem to be headed to forever. However, SP might be the silent suffering partner at the moment.

Allegedly, LB cannot cut ties with the Mother of his Lovechild (ML). LB and ML used to be lovers, but he chose to be with SP despite having a kid with the former. While LB should stay put as SP had not broken up with him upon finding out about his child and presence of ML, he could not.

A rumor said that LB is trying to get back with SP for the sake of their child. He is apparently unhappy with the stories that have reached him about the child not being taken care of properly. However, LB does not want to leave SP. The length of their relationship might even be adding pressure for LB to fulfill his plans for a proposal. LB wants the best of both worlds by having two partners. On the one hand, the question is if SP and ML would agree to an arrangement for LB’s benefit. On the other hand, for everyone’s peace of mind, LB could make and stand behind his choice.

‘I feel so selfish, because I want the best of both worlds. I want to keep the image I've worked so hard to create.’ − Simone Elkeles

Partner accused of molesting fragile minor

Love can be blinding for lovers. Only the goodness of the loved one is seen and flaws are ignored. Often, a lover will defend the other regardless of the accusation, and deny the possible truth.

A scandal is quietly rocking the social circle. This time, the arena is already in legal hands. Sometime ago, Pretty Socialite (PS) met Dashing Man (DM). Although non-showbiz, PS has a wide range of friends from politics, business, and showbiz. Meanwhile, DM is busy with his business and has shared a similar social circle with PS. They were in love and their relationship bore fruit.

While things seemed quiet, the relationship of the young couple has been marked with an accusation against DM. The charges are not light as the accuser is a minor. According to documents, DM allegedly did something distasteful to the child, which prompted the charges.

Given that neither has showbiz ties, the said scandal has been kept hush-hush. After all, the case could affect the reputation and moral standing of PS. The nature of the case against DM is fiery and damaging to his name and family.

‘Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.’ − Haile Selassie

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