Gigi de Lana apologizes to fans

Singer-actress Gigi de Lana created quite a storm debuting a shorter do.

But the brouhaha that followed wouldn't compare.

She would go on to create a tsunami answering a multitude of queries about it in a seemingly irritated manner.

Some fans thought it unbecoming of her.

Gigi eventually apologized for her actions.

In a TikTok video, she told fans, "Pasensiya na ha, kasi alam niyo yun, minsan... madalas ako mamis-interpret lalo na pag emotions ko yung umiiral...Anyway sa lahat ng nakasagutan ko man dyan tungkol sa buhok ko, pasensiya na po kung may na-offend ako or naiinis."

She then opened up on the real reason why she cut her hair short.

"Ang daming hindi nakakaalam nito. Mommy ko po may stage 4 breast cancer, maiksi po yung hair niya. So gusto ko po kapag makikita ko siya parehas kami halos ng iksi ng hair," she shared.

"Pero ito po hindi ko po kaya 'yung semi kalbo o kaya parang boy cut talaga. So ayon po para hindi na po kayo magtanong at magsabi sa akin bakit ka nagpagupit. Ayan alam niyo na. Knows niyo na."

Some of the comments:

"You can explain without being sarcastic. If you told them the real reason why on the first time you posted it by not saying “new look” then none of your followers will speculate."

"You can do what you feel’s right, it’s your life! Healing for your mom, in Christ’ name. Btw, you’re lovely Mary Gidget!"

"Cutting your hair short because of your Mom’s condition, is a good cause. Prayers to your Mom n to you also. God Bless always."

"Such a loving gesture from a sweet daughter. Your mom raised you well. Praying for her health and for your continued success."