PGH expert optimistic approval of new cancer meds to hasten with HTAC transfer to DOST

The chief of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Cancer Institute believes that the approval of new medicines for cancer will speed up with the recent transfer of the Health Technology Assessment Council (HTAC) to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Defeating ‘ThyCa’: Thyroid cancer survivor shares his story

‘To all the amazing ThyCa warriors out there, be your own advocate—be your own hero.’

Wedding postponed, cancer takes over their engagement

I felt sad, devastated, and shocked all at once. We shouldn’t be spending our time in the hospital as future newlyweds. If everything had fallen according to schedule, Ryan and I would have been traveling and enjoying each other’s company.

VIRAL: Dead wife’s love letter to husband before she passed away

‘This is the saddest and most beautiful letter/note I've received from you.’

Advocates seek intensification of cancer screening in PH

Health advocates said a huge portion of the country’s cancer burden is preventable, but due to the “inadequate and inaccessible” cancer screenings, the disease remains to be one of the major causes of mortality in the Philippines.

Cong Duterte, 2 others pursue P10-B assistance fund for poor cancer patients

“The program shall be limited to indigent and underprivileged cancer patient beneficiaries to be identified by PhilHealth."

Heartbreaking: Anthony Taberna cries as daughter shaves hair off for chemotherapy

'I thought I was strong, but it turns out that I was weak.'