Elmer Catungal: Made up for success

Elmer Catungal

Let the name Elmer Catungal be added to the long list of Filipino international achievers. And who is
Elmer Catungal? His expertise in the field of beauty traces back to his humble beginnings glamming up Filipino celebrities.

This hardworking and family-oriented person started as a make-up artist for print photo shoots and movies, one very memorable one was “Dreamboy” starring ultimate leading man, Piolo Pascual and box office superstar, Bea Alonzo.

It was on the set of this movie where he was introduced to Alex Vicencio (beauty and prosthetics guru). This meeting would help pave the way for Elmer to be assigned to do more projects for film and TV.

Elmer in action!

His relationship with Alex developed into a mentor-mentee and friendship bond. Elmer’s hardwork and positive attitude of building harmonious relationships are what helped him become better in what he does for his journey ahead.

Elmer’s first job abroad was for Sephora Middle East. Sephora, for your information is a high end brand,
regarded as an international beauty trailblazer, thanks to its prestige skin care products, unbiased service from experts, interactive shopping environment, disruptive spirit and constant innovation. This well-known company is based in France.

Working for Sephora honed Elmer’s skills and talents to the fullest. He has ample knowledge in the creative process of applying cosmetics and creating different looks for various faces. His skill set also includes identifying skin types, understanding skin physiology, and using application techniques.

Elmer’s trip to the US, which primarily was to attend his cousin’s wedding, would bring about a new
opportunity. There he met up with long time friend, Viva Hotbabe Ella V. who he has worked with in the
Philippines in TV and film.

Ella, now owner and founder of VGlow Beauty Bar and VGlow Skincare, has commissioned Elmer to be their beauty ambassador for VGlow Beauty Bar, one of the leading medical skincare spas in Los Angeles. His collaboration with celebrity beauty guru and VGlow founder, Ella V. Manalang solidified the start of his journey into skincare.

As a beauty ambassador, Elmer’s priority is meeting client’s needs and preferences to ensure that they
become the best versions of themselves. In traditional VGlow fashion, Elmer is empowering women by
working hard and sharing his skincare expertise.

As he says, “Patience and hardwork will carry you more than halfway through what you want to achieve in life, just be patient and keep moving! Best practice makes perfect.”

For now, Elmer is focused on his duties as a beauty ambassador. He dreams of working with Hollywood
celebrities soon, a goal which is not too far to be reached, since Elmer is always made up for success.