Period underwear is not just for periods. It's for all stages of life

How Ecoflo's innovative underwear revolutionizes comfort and sustainability for all


As a biological woman, I always thought that period underwear or period panties were just limited to women who are still having menstruation or monthly periods. After all, it is named “period underwear.” But when I met Leigh Carcel, the founder of a local period underwear brand, Ecoflo, she changed my perspective.

Leigh openly put herself in a vulnerable position when she admitted that the inspiration behind the brand is not as simple as “period underwear.” It all began when she had a fatal accident that affected her spine, and she needed to undergo intensive physical rehabilitation. 

During those months, she needed to wear adult diapers because of incontinence, especially while doing rehab activities. But diapers are expensive and harmful to the environment (these are not reusable), until she was introduced to period underwear. 

Leigh Carcel.JPG
Leigh Carcel, founder of Ecoflo

“Diapers are bulky and uncomfortable,” Leigh said to select members of the press during the recently held launch of Ecoflo. “An environmentalist friend of mine introduced me to period underwear, which is quite available in Australia. So when I used it, it was a game changer."

“It worked just as well as the adult diapers I'd been wearing. Of course, now I can wear leggings and shorts and feel a little bit more like myself," she added. "It was as absorbent, if not, better than than diapers. Then I started using it for my period.” 

When she returned to the Philippines, she discovered that sources for period underwear were limited, thus, it inspired her to start Ecoflo. Rooting from her experience, she established ecoflow to make these products accessible not just to women with periods but also to senior citizens, pregnant women, and even patients who need adult diapers. 

Some people might think that period underwear is expensive. But when you come to think of it, it’s reusable. Based on the company’s study, Ecoflo underwear can be used up to 100 times. Thus, it is reliable and cost-effective. Unlike disposable pads and diapers, period panties are sustainable and eco-friendly since they will not end up in waste disposals or, worse, in the oceans after a single use. 

Ecoflo underwear.jpg
Ecoflo period underwear comes in different designs, colors, and sizes.

“I know what you're thinking like it's a little bit icky in the beginning, but you do get used to it,” Leigh said. "These are reusable, washable underwear, and I thought, wow, this is a wonderful product that is available in Australia and the US but not really so much in the Philippines when I did my research.” 

The underwear designs are currently made to achieve a snug fit, all-day comfort, and ease of movement. Through vibrant colorways, fun patterns, and sexy silhouettes, the brand hopes to empower women around the Philippines to embrace their flow and femininity. 

For its maiden collection, Ecoflo introduces five styles to suit every lifestyle, occasion, and body type. The Sensual Classic Bikini (ideal for light to moderate flows) features a high-cut silhouette and side lace trimming. With its elegant mesh details, the Hikini Sheer (for moderate flows) is cut high to cinch the waist and elongate the legs. The Lacey Timeless Bikini (for moderate flows) is a mid-rise style with tone-on-tone lace and a delightful range of soft hues. The Snug and Active Bikinis are intimate wear essentials that support on heavy days. They are crafted to fit the body as it moves throughout the day and come in lively hues like Sage Green and Maroon Plum. 

Apart from the goal of empowering women to make sustainable choices, Leigh, said that her brand is also working with organizations like Haribon Philippines to support their ocean clean-up campaign. They plan to donate products to communities in the Philippines that do not have access to feminine hygiene products. She’s also eyeing to create designs that will cater to men’s need for diaper-like underwear. 

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