One Tolentino East Residences is set to be an ideal high-rise residential condo in Tagaytay

Home above the clouds

Tagaytay City is renowned to be one of the quick weekend retreats by people living in neighboring cities for its cool climate and great views. With the emergence of One Tolentino East Residences, they don’t only have the weekends to visit, but they can now call Tagaytay their own home.

One Tolentino East Residences is the maiden leisure residential condominium development by Tagaytay All Alpha Landholdings and Development Corporation (TAALDC), promising a “refreshingly new and higher perspective on Tagaytay.”

Gerard Ceballos, president of TAALDC, mentioned that the project aims to redefine the leisure living experience in the weekend destination with its prime location and distinguishing features. "One Tolentino East Residences offers one-of-a-kind advantages and benefits that make it more than just a vacation house. With its inimitable location, spaciousness and overall innovative design, it brings to reality the desire of many urbanites to increasingly call Tagaytay home."

Strapi Format (13).png
Artist’s perspective of One Tolentino East Residences.

With its promise of a comfortable and convenient year-round Tagaytay lifestyle, this high-rise condominium neighborhood invites both leisure seekers and investors alike to indulge in the beauty and serenity of Tagaytay's famed ridge community.

Easily accessible
Located in the heart of Tagaytay City, One Tolentino East Residences is easily accessible through five key points – Batangas, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Manila via Aguinaldo Highway, Isaac G. Tolentino Avenue, and Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road.

Situated in a prime spot, the development is near the Tagaytay Public Market. The views of the Taal Volcano and Lake are the perfect complement to the cool climate of Tagaytay – both the strongest draws of visitors to the place.

With all these access points, visitors and guests alike can enjoy a live-work-play setup, easily transitioning from a busy lifestyle to a weekend getaway.

Serenity and luxury
One Tolentino East Residences is the first residential high-rise condominium project of the developer in Tagaytay, sitting at around a hectare (9,221 sq.m.). Its tallest tower is set to have 22 stories, with a total of 700 units, equally mirroring the amount of parking spaces for everyone. A portion of this space, 216 to be exact, is allotted for motorcycle parking.

Guests can choose from a variety of unit sizes, all with a view of either the Taal, Highlands, Manila skyline, and Rotonda. Starting from a one-bedroom (approx. 69.29 sq.m.), two-bedroom (approx. 125.4 sq.m.), three-bedroom (approx. 174.56 sq.m), and a penthouse (approx. 317.5 sq.m.).

04 Pool Area (4th Floor) (1).jpg
Pool area at the fourth floor. 

All rooms are equipped with a bedroom with toilet and bath, kitchen area, dining area, living area, maid’s room with toilet and bath, and a balcony. Range of amenities can also be enjoyed by the guests which include infinity swimming pools, a fitness area, a function room, commercial retail stores, and several lounges, including an outdoor garden playground.

As important as it is for guests and their family and friends to experience luxury during their stay in One Tolentino East Residences, safety and security remain one of their top priorities.

“Other features add to safety and security in everyday condo living. Residents can enjoy peace of mind with a smart building system that boasts of an earthquake resiliency system, among others,” according to a statement from the company.

Elevating living and sustainability
With most, if not all, properties nowadays promoting a green way of living, One Tolentino East Residences is no exception when it comes to promoting sustainability.

Arch. Cathy Saldaña, one of the architects behind this development, shared her insight on how One Tolentino East Residences is promoting sustainability through its architecture and engineering applications.

“This is the one that will express true sustainability in Tagaytay. This is the one that will not only have the certifications for BERDE and for EDGE, but this is the one that will have green architecture and green engineering applications. For engineering, we will have rainwater catchment, we’ll find ways to implement renewable energy uses. It will also have a connection to the main power grid, but at the same time have the allocation for solar power, as well as other future renewables. We have allocations as well for EV charging, this is for the future,” said Saldaña.

She added: “These are just some of the new ideas that we have implemented because our owners, TAALDC, want to create a development that looks toward the future. We are not building for you for today, we are building for you beyond 2026, beyond 2027. We want generations to come to enjoy what true sustainability is. In other words, you will see the vestiges of sustainability, those that are physical. From the glass, to the louvres, to the tiles, to the surface, and as to the lights. But underneath, there will also be an embodiment of what sustainability is that the end users will not see but they will feel and they will experience."

Tagaytay is about nature, with the climate and weather, especially the view. As one of the places to visit away from the bustling of the metro, One Tolentino East Residences promises to bring to reality the desire of many to call Tagaytay their new home.