Bringing out the glam with the vivo V29, the ideal smartphone to party with


A lot can happen in a party. Too bad lighting is usually not ideal for cameras, sometimes too bright, sometimes too dark, too much movement and activity, and lots of good and fun chaos. Good thing, vivo had that in mind when they worked on the V29, ensuring even in party settings, vivo’s newest phone is up to the task.

The combination of the OIS and EIS will ensure dark photos will have virtually no noise hanging in the background. So you’ll be seeing more darks and shadows–the good ones, the ones you need to make the photo look good. The V29’s Night Mode has features that can ensure you have clear images, such as the multi-frame exposure, where it combines multiple shots of the same photo, carefully picking out the bad parts of the image, to give you the very best version of the image.

And of course, the V29 has the Aura Light 2.0. It is an integrated ring light to give the vivo V29’s 50MP camera the extra boost it needs to put on the spotlight. It’s ideal for lighting up your selfies and portraits, especially in a party that may not have enough light. The Aura Light 2.0 can illuminate your face, remove excess shadows, and even enhance skin tone thanks to the adjustment between warm and cool colors. 

And speaking of warm and cool lights, even if it’s not that kind of active party, and it’s more of a cozy and pleasant vibe–tea party, anyone? Having full control of the color temperature makes all the difference in projecting the ambiance of the image.

With the vivo V29, you’ll be the light of the party. It also has a 13MP ultra wide-angle camera, which would allow you to capture the entire landscape of the party. No one is going to be left out.