Recruitment firm seeks dialogue with MECO to clear name on allegation of overcharging Pinoy students

A recruitment agency accused by the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) of overcharging Taiwan-bound Filipino scholars has denied the allegation that it is engaged in any form of illegal activity.

In a letter sent to MECO chairman and resident representative Silvestro H. Bello III, the JS Contractor, Inc. said it felt aggrieved of the unfair imputations against the company and was not even given any opportunity to refute the allegations. 

“The Agency vehemently denies its involvement in the said program. JS Contractor Inc., is a duly licensed and authorized recruitment agency with almost Forty-Five years of impeccable reputation and outstanding service to the overseas Filipino Community. The Agency has not, is not, and will never engage in these so-called ‘nefarious activities’, only to jeopardize its good name and reputation,” said JS Contractor, Inc. president Mary Jean P. Borra in a letter sent to Bello.

On Sunday, Nov, 12, Bello disclosed that the agency has overcharged Filipino students bound to Taiwan for a scholarship program through several requirements that only overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) should undergo. 

During the Bagong Pilipinas Ngayon briefing on Tuesday, Nov. 14, Bello said the overcharging involved 32 Taiwan-bound Filipinbo scholars. 

But Borra said the JS Contractor, Inc. has not engaged in the recruitment, placement and deployment of Filipino students to Taiwan under a program cited by Bello.

“Neither does it make any illegal collections, exactions or receive any fees that is not authorized by the Department of Migrant Workers, or any government agency,” said Borra.

She said they are now conducting their own investigation to ensure that no person, corporation or organization is using the name of JS Contractor Inc., in their transactions. 

“The Agency is eager and willing to engage in a dialogue with your Honorable Office to clear its name and to uncover the truth behind these reports. Should your Honorable Office find it best to invite representatives from the Agency to answer these allegations, we are more than pleased to accept it,” said Borra in the letter.

“We trust that the foregoing shall merit your preferential and prompt attention,” she added.