Sharlene San Pedro doesn’t care if people think she’s not dressing girly enough

She proves how unafraid she is when it comes to showcasing her authentic self.

Much like many things in life, the way we dress changes as we go through different phases. Some of them explore sophisticated style pairings to help them progress in their career, while others come up with looks that have a totally different vibe as they discover new things about themselves. The latter can be said of actress Sharlene San Pedro.

At a young age, Sharlene was already under the spotlight as a budding actress. As the years passed, she discovered new hobbies and interests, one of which was gaming. That newfound passion has also affected the way she dresses. With a quick scroll on her Instagram feed, one can easily see how her style has become cooler and more androgynous.

Mas gusto ko yun. Sa panahon ngayon, mas cool talaga if wala nang gender sa clothing (I prefer that. Today, it is way cooler if clothing is not restricted by gender),” Sharlene told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “[Pagdating sa personal style,] mas nagle-lean on ako kung saan ako kumportable. Nasa panahon na tayo ngayon na kahit anong gusto mong isuot, pwede mo nang suot (In terms of personal style, I lean more on the pieces I feel comfortable. We are now at the time when the pieces we want to put on, we can freely wear).”

What Sharlene loves about dressing up is how she can use it to present her current mood. She can switch from a casual street vibe to a more feminine look easily. A good example of this is her look at the ABS-CBN Ball 2023 courtesy of designer Irene Lee. For her, events like that are where she fulfills her fashion fantasies.

But on regular days, Sharlene puts on looks that are more contemporary and chill, which are seen in most of her gaming live streams. When it comes to this kind of vibe, she proves how unconventional, dynamic, and unafraid she is when it comes to showcasing her authentic self. Her looks usually present loose-fitting shirts, relaxed hoodies, roomy shorts and jeans, stylish hats, crew socks, and comfortable sneakers. Among the brands she swears by is Van Philippines.

Today, Sharlene, together with the visual artist Raco Ruiz and the musician Syd Hartha, headlines its latest campaign. Dubbed #ThisIsOffTheWall, the initiative is a fresh and empowering concept that inspires Filipinos to embrace their passion, creativity, and authenticity.

“Sobrang saya and nakaka-excite kasi ako ‘yung first release dito sa campaign nila (I’m super happy and excite because mine was the first to be released from this campaign),” Sharlene muses. “I’m part of the Vans Philippines’ family since 201, pero nakaktuwa lang na na-recognized nila na matagal na ako sa kanila (but it is really nice that they recognized how long I have been with the brand).”

Apart from special collaborations with Filipino creatives, the campaign will also unveil upcoming collections imbued with the brand’s signature reimagination of the ‘80s and ‘90s designs with a laid-back flair.

To learn more about the campaign, visit @vansphilippines on Instagram.

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