LOOK: Luis Manzano, Jessy Mendiola's first post as parents

Here's a clue: It has been two weeks since their daughter was born

It's a great start for the 2023 for the couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola as they share the good news that they are now proud parents to Peanut.

"I never knew I could love like this. My little Rosie. Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano," posted new mom Jessy Mendiola earlier today, Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023. The photo shows two hands holding—one from Jessy and one tiny hand from the newborn. 


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"Hi Peanut—Isabella Rose Tawile Manzano," the new dad Luis Manzano posted, with a photo of him holding his baby girl. 


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The mom also shared in her stories a photo of her in a long black dress with the caption, "Missing my baby's kicks in my womb. Almost two weeks post partum."

And she's looking great!