Guanzon has fun with onion memes

Memes aren't supposed to bring tears to one's eyes, even if they're about onions.

(Rowena Guanzon's Twitter)

That said, P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon appears to be having fun with memes about onions, which are worth their weight in gold these days.

Guanzon shared on Twitter two such memes along with witty captions for each.

In one tweet, the former Commission on Elections (Comelec) shared a photo of a pricey box of chocolates--only, the chocolates were bulbs of onion.


"Pang exchange gift na ang sibuyas (Onions can now be given as an exchange gift)," Guanzon wrote.

The other meme showed what an onion would look like if I person would flex it as a piece of jewelry, specifically an earring.


"Jewelmore eaerings is the craze this seaaon," wrote Guanzon, while shoehorning the hashtag #notomaharlikawealthfund.

The limited supply of onions have caused prices of the produce to reach as high as P500 per kilo, reports said.