Marcos appeals support from diplomatic community in achieving PH dev't goals

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has urged the diplomatic community to support the Philippines in its mission to achieve its development plans, which he approved a day ago.

President Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr. (RTVM Screenshot)

During the Vin d' Honneur held at the Malacañang Palace on Tuesday night, Jan. 31, Marcos appealed for support as he informed the attending foreign envoys that he just rolled out the Philippine Development Plan on Monday, Jan. 30 which will serve as his administration's roadmap for economic and social transformation in the next six years.

"I urge our friends in the diplomatic community to work with us in achieving our development goals through partnerships and cooperation with your respective government and also your private sectors. Let us discuss opportunities where our countries can participate to the mutual benefit of the Philippines and your countries," Marcos said.

In his speech, Marcos said that "the Philippines is poised to reach upper middle income status very soon," telling his diplomatic guests that it "is a daunting but achievable milestone and the development well-earned and long overdue."

"We want this to have meaning and impact to the lives of more than 110 million Filipinos and to set the future generations of Filipinos," he said, thus he urged them to work with the Philippines in its endeavors under his term.

On foreign relations, the President stressed that the Philippines will continue to elevate its foreign relations with bilateral and multilateral partners, saying that "we are a staunch champion of multilateralism and remain invested in working with partners in building a stronger united nations, one that is more fair, more constructive, more united."

He also took the opportunity to campaign for the Philippines in its goal to secure a seat in the UN Security Council as the country's bid stands on its "strong foundation" of "well-recognized contributions" to the shaping of a global rules-based architecture and respect for the sovereignty of nations.

"The Philippines counts on your support for our candidature for non permanent seat in the UN Security Council for term 2027-2028. You’ll excuse my little bit of campaigning for the Philippines and our membership," he said.

"The legacies of the Philippines as a responsible global citizen I dare say are solid," he added.

The chief executive also called on the diplomatic community to "continue to strengthen the bond of our countries for the mutual benefit of our peoples and our countries."

Papal Nuncio Charles Brown, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, meanwhile, expressed that the "diplomatic corps assures you our support for this goal in the new year of 2023 and beyond."

"So your excellency, it is an honor for me to express in behalf of all members of the diplomatic corps our heartfelt best wishes for a new year blessed by peace, prosperity, mutual understanding and global solidarity," Brown said as he offered a toast to the President.