'Lasing na, susugurin pa ako': Guanzon explains what happened in altercation video

Have you seen the video on Twitter showing P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon going absolutely ballistic on one particular male individual?

P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon (Facebook)

Here's Guanzon's side of the story. In the tweet showing the video of the altercation itself, Guanzon replied and alleged the particular man

"attempted to attack" her during a fiesta.

"Lasing sila naninigarilyo uminom sa sidewalk. Inapakan ang paa ko. Sinaway ko sinigawan pa ako (They were drunk,, they were drinking and smoking on the sidewalk. He stepped on my foot). Attempted to attack me. Had to defend myself with my walking cane to stop him kasi lumalapit baka sakalin ako ng gago (he tried to approach me and I was afraid that the fool might choke me)," she wrote on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

The feisty Guanzon appeared to allude to the same incident in a series of her own tweets wherein she accused a man of abusing her "pamangkin".

"Sinundo ko nga ang pamangkin ko (I came to fetch my pamangkin) because he asked to be rescued," tweeted the former Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner.

Guanzon further.claimed:"Hinipuan ang pamngkin ko at binugbog. Sino ang hindi magagalit ? At matapang ha,lasing na susugurin pa ako. Sana hindi sya pinigilan (He touched my pamangkin and beat him up. Who wouldn't have gone mad? He's aggressive, drunk, and tried to rush me. I wish he wasn't restrained)."

Guanzon said the man apologized but it didn't appear sincere to her.

"This man attempted to attack me, pinigilan ng mga kasama nya (he was restrained by his companions). Yho de fruta ! Nag sorry pero naka ngisi ang lasing (He said sorry, but had a drunken smirk)," she said.