Here's what ex-NSA Carlos thinks of 'merchants of disinformation'

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.'s former top security adviser, Clarita Carlos, has voiced her opinion about disinformation- mongers on social media.

Former National Security Adviser Clarita Carlos (Facebook)

Carlos, in a Facebook post Friday, Jan. 27, wrote "Social media would be so much more instructive if MERCHANTS of DISINFORMATION would be banished therein."

The emphasis on "merchants of disinformation" was her own, giving her Facebook followers an idea of just how much disdain the former national security adviser (NSA) has for people like fake news peddlers.


Although Carlos shared a very terse line, her concurrence with the comment of netizen Angelo Liong indirectly gave more insight to her thoughts.

"Dealing with so called misinformation is used as an excuse to silence opinion. I say let the people freely express their freedom of speech and let the people decide for themselves on what to believe in. Labeling misinformation is just the modern leftist way of restricting free speech," Liong wrote, to which Carlos replied, "On point."

Following her resignation as NSA, Carlos transfered to the Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department of the House of Representatives.