TNT completes 'KathNiel' as Daniel Padilla joins TNT Katropa

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo

Much like an early Valentine’s Day treat for their millions of fans, value mobile brand TNT has announced Daniel ‘DJ’ Padilla as its newest endorser, joining his real and reel life sweetheart Kathryn Bernardo as a “TNT katropa.”

Dubbed the ‘Supreme Idol’ of the Philippines, Daniel made his TNT debut in a new video campaign alongside Kathryn for Doble GIGA+ 50, TNT’s data-packed offers that come with 8 GB data plus Unli Texts to All Networks, valid for three days, for only Php50.

With TNT, it is now easier than ever for KathNiel fans to stream and share more with 8 GB of Doble GIGA+ 50 offers - whether through watching and streaming hit KathNiel movies and series using Doble GIGA Videos+ 50, or staying abreast with the loveteam’s social media updates and sharing them with fellow fans using Doble GIGA Stories+ 50.

More saya and kilig
“I’m happy and grateful to join TNT with Kath. Together, we’re excited to give more saya and kilig to our fans and for millions of TNT subscribers nationwide who can always rely on TNT to keep us always connected,” said DJ.

“We’re very excited to have Daniel with us. Finally, we were able to add ‘Kathniel’ to Tropang TNT. We look forward to collaborating with them to give more fun to subscribers through our value-packed offers, powered by the Philippines’ strongest and widest network,” said Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business-Individual at Smart.

How KathNiel keeps the fun alive
KathNiel’s much-awaited TNT campaign comes on the heels of their recently concluded hit TV series, “2 Good 2 Be True,” which drew praises and accolades from viewers for the cast’s stellar performances and dominated the online trending topics throughout its run from May to Nov. 2022.

Now available for streaming on Netflix, the series has become one of the most-viewed Filipino series on the streaming platform, which TNT subscribers can now access and enjoy using Doble GIGA Video+.

Asked how they keep their saya going in between projects, KathNiel reveals they usually spend quality time with loved ones and friends.

“‘Pag free days, I spend time with Kath or eat together with my family and katropa. I also play basketball and golf,” Daniel said.

“I like to treat myself to some "me time" once in a while. Gusto ko sa free days ko pinapamper ko yung sarili ko, which for me means spending time with friends and family, and also surrounding myself with people around me who give me happiness. I like to appreciate the people around me and find happiness through them,” Kathryn said.

What do they look forward to this year?
“I hope to explore new projects and roles na di ko pa nagagawa. I also hope to be able to perform my music again to a live audience,”DJ said.

“For 2023, I just want to continue learning new things. We just finished 2 Good 2 Be True but I feel like there's still a lot to be explored for me to improve my craft in acting, and I'm looking forward to trying new things that will challenge me. Second is to protect my peace. As much as possible, I choose my battles and find a way to protect that inner peace,” Kathryn said.

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