Ranking solon condemns OFW's grim fate in Kuwait

Brutal, deplorable.

Kabayan Party-list Rep. Ron Salo

That's how Kabayan Party-list Rep. Ron Salo described the killing of Jullebee Ranara, a 35-year-old overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait.

“I vehemently condemn the brutal and deplorable killing of our kabayan, Ranara. I express my sincerest sympathies and condolences to her family and loved ones who are mourning her loss. We join them in prayers and calls that justice be swiftly served,” Salo, chairman of the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs, said in a statement Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Ranara, a domestic helper working in Kuwait, was found dead in a desert last Sunday. The cadaver was reportedly burned.

According to Ranara’s death certificate, the OFW suffered from a fractured skull, face, and lower jaw. The causes of death were several traumatic injuries, brain degradation, and the discontinuation of high vital centers.

“This cruelty against our fellow kabayan should not go unpunished in order to serve justice and to deter similar incidents in the future, noting that we still have around 250,000 kababayans in Kuwait, 70 percent of them are working as domestic helpers,” Salo stated.

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) said that Kuwait officials have already arrested the son of Ranara’s employer, Kuwaiti national accused Turki Ayedh Al Azmi.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the DMW should closely coordinate with the prosecutorial arm of the Kuwait Government to ensure prompt delivery of justice. On the other hand, OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administrator) should provide immediate financial assistance to the victim’s family,” the veteran congressman added.