The Boyz’s Ju Haknyeon to skip Japan fan con due to health issue 

Ju Haknyeon, member of K-pop boy band The Boyz, will not be participating in the group’s Japan fan-con due to illness.

In a notice issued on Jan. 20, IST Entertainment said, “Ju Haknyeon was diagnosed with flu infection after visiting the hospital on January 18th due to poor physical condition, and is resting to recover.”

TheBoyz's Fan Con in Japan will be held on Jan. 21 and 22 (The Boyz Japan)

TheBoyz's Ju Haknyeon (Twitter)

“As the artist himself has a strong will to perform on stage, we respected the artist's intention and checked his physical condition before the performance, and as he improved, he wanted to join the schedule and perform together,” the agency said.

However, it said, “It was judged that the artist's physical condition was still too much to handle the departure schedule and stage schedule.”

“Finally, we would like to inform you that he will not be able to attend ‘THE BOYZ FAN CON: THE B-ROAD IN JAPAN,’ which was scheduled to be held this week. We apologize for causing concern to fans with the sudden news,” it said.

It added, “We ask for the fans' understanding of the decision that puts the artist's health first.”

“THE BOYZ FAN CON: THE B-ROAD IN JAPAN” will be held on Jan. 21 and 22.