Ox Chinese Horoscope for Year of the Rabbit 2023

By Patrick Lim Fernandez


‪1925 Yin Wood Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/25 to 2/4/26)‬

‪1937 Yin Fire Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/37 to 2/4/38)‬

1949 Yin Earth Ox
‪(born 2/4/49 to 2/4/50)‬

‪1961 Yin Metal Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/61 to 2/4/62)‬

‪1973 Yin Water Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/73 to 2/4/74)‬

‪1985 Yin Wood Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/85 to 2/4/86)‬

‪1997 Yin Fire Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/97 to 2/4/98)‬

‪2009 Yin Earth Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/09 to 2/4/10)‬

‪2021 Yin Metal Ox‬
‪(born 2/4/21 to 2/4/22)‬

‪There is the troublesome “Month Hurdle Star” casting its dark shadow on the‬ ‪luck of the Ox. The presence of this star‬ ‪means that they have to always allow for‬ ‪some leeway. This is for deadlines, deliverables, and even just being on the same‬ ‪page as to what type of outcome is expected. From the back end, they have to give‬ ‪allowances as what is delivered to them‬ ‪might not be what was promised. This can‬ ‪apply to physical products or even on the‬ ‪relationship side.‬

They may encounter their fair share of‬ ‪disappointments this year as people may‬ ‪fall short of expectations. They may have‬ ‪idealized some people so much that it will‬ ‪be difficult for those people to keep up with‬ ‪their idealized image. They have to be very‬ ‪mindful of the people they surround themselves with and the people they put their‬ ‪trust in.‬

The presence of this star may bring‬ ‪problems brought by women or create rifts‬ ‪in relationships. It will prove to be nothing too serious if patience, tactfulness, and‬ ‪openness are used in communicating to‬ ‪settle the issues. Putting‬ ‪their faith in the wrong‬ ‪people may result in money loss, a‬ ‪tarnished image or damaged reputation for them. Therefore, think thoroughly, research well, come up with a‬ ‪good strategy, and give things ample‬ ‪preparation time before plowing forward.‬

The presence of the “Drapes Star”‬ ‪in the chart of the Ox means that they‬ ‪should put in some extra effort into‬ ‪their relationship with their family‬ ‪and loved ones. Chances for disagreements are high so they should be patient and consciously keep communication lines open.‬

For the singles, this clash and‬ ‪change may actually be good and bring‬ ‪about a change in their status from being single to being in a relationship. For‬ ‪those who are in a relationship though,‬ ‪they should try to spend time with their‬ ‪significant other otherwise a change‬ ‪may also come in their status.‬

Since this star indicates that the‬ ‪health of an elderly family member‬ ‪may be affected, spending more time‬ ‪with them will enable them to take action immediately if a health issue arises. It is best to see a doctor regardless‬ ‪of whether the health issue is minor or‬ ‪not. It is best to err on the side of caution than to be sorry later on.‬

Because of the presence of the‬ ‪“Heavenly Dog Star,” the Ox should‬ ‪take precautions this year. They‬
‪should pay extra attention to their‬ ‪health and safety and be proactive‬ ‪where possible.‬

They should take sensible safety‬ ‪precautions like regular car maintenance, avoid speeding, and avoid taking unfamiliar shortcuts. They should‬ ‪be mindful of their belongings and important documents, especially when‬ ‪traveling to avoid losing or misplacing‬ ‪them. They also may be prone to easily‬ ‪catching whatever virus is circulating‬ ‪about, thus it is best for them to get‬ ‪some flu shots or regularly take Vitamin C to boost their immunity.‬

‪It will be best for them to always‬ ‪carry a Safety Medallion with them‬ ‪and have a Driving Safety Gourd in‬ ‪their cars.‬

The “Lamenting Guest Star”‬ ‪in their charts is also related to the‬ ‪health aspect of the Ox. This means‬ ‪that aside from being more vigilant‬ ‪with their own health, they should‬ ‪also be mindful of the health of their‬ ‪loved ones and the people around‬ ‪them.‬

It will be good for them to carry a Health Medallion with them‬ ‪always throughout the year and‬ ‪have a Brass Longevity Peach on‬ ‪their bedside table.‬

‪Elements Forecast

‪Wood Ox
There will be good career opportunities for you this year. And‬ ‪if you put in the work, you will‬ ‪reap above average results, promotions, and recognition. There‬ ‪are good investment opportunities that will award you with good‬ ‪returns. Don’t be blinded with‬ ‪promises that seem too good to be‬ ‪true. Use your best judgment this‬ ‪year when dealing with issues at‬ ‪home or at work so you won’t be‬ ‪hit with unwanted consequences.‬

‪Fire Ox
Your positive work attitude‬ ‪allows you to reap value for your‬ ‪organizations and form a solid‬ ‪foundation for your career. Try to‬ ‪remember all the folks who helped‬ ‪you along the way and show the‬ ‪proper sense of gratitude. Try to‬ ‪strike a good balance between‬ ‪your work and home life in order to avoid any unwanted stress‬ ‪and tension in your life that could‬ ‪strain your relationships with‬ ‪people and cause health issues.‬

‪Earth Ox
For the elderly ones, enjoy your retirement if you have‬ ‪reached this stage, and look forward to doing things that you are‬ ‪passionate about, as this will provide you with positive Ch’i in your‬ ‪life. For the younger Earth Ox, you‬ ‪will have a penchant to do well in‬ ‪school. There may be some carelessness in doing some of your‬ ‪work, so be a little bit more detail-oriented this year.‬

‪Metal Ox
Be conscious of your decision-making process this year‬ ‪and make sure you take into account all the necessary considerations. Consult your trusted circle‬ ‪when you make important decisions to avoid any regret. There may be some mood swings tied to‬ ‪an emotional star, so keep calm‬ ‪when things get too rocky and‬ ‪hard to handle.‬

Water Ox
For this year, be more conservative in your career decisions and stay the course rather‬ ‪than making drastic changes. Just‬ ‪don’t fall into complacency and‬ ‪always strive to better yourself in‬ ‪incremental ways this year. Prioritize having harmonious relationships with the people around‬ ‪you. Share your ideas with others‬ ‪and get their buy in rather than‬ ‪imposing your will on them and‬ ‪you will meet favorable results.‬


This table below gives an overview of the monthly trend and‬ ‪how the Ox will fare. The months‬ ‪with a ✓ means that it will be a‬ ‪pretty good and smooth month.‬ ‪The months with an ~ signifies an‬ ‪average luck month where some‬ ‪aspects will be okay but other aspects may encounter some obstacles. The months with a X‬ ‪signify that the luck is weak so it will be good‬ ‪to prepare and exercise extra caution. The start‬ ‪date of the months is also indicated.‬