Forecast for each Zodiac sign: Dog

By Patrick Lim Fernandez

‪1934 Wood Dog‬
‪(born 2/4/34 to /5/35)‬

‪1946 Fire Dog‬
‪(born 2/4/46 to 2/4/47)‬

‪1958 Earth Dog‬
‪(born 2/4/58 to 2/4/59)‬

‪1970 Golden Dog‬
‪(born 2/4/70 to 2/4/71)‬

‪1982 Water Dog‬
‪(born 2/4/82 to 2/4/83)‬

‪1994 Wood Dog‬
‪(born 2/4/94 to 2/4/95)‬

‪2006 Fire Dog‬
‪(born between 2/4/06 to 2/4/07)‬

‪The “Purple Benefactor Star”‬ ‪auspiciously shining on the charts‬ ‪of the Dog implies having the presence of powerful, noble, and beneficial people who will give them sincere assistance and support when‬ ‪needed. So they should nurture and‬ ‪value these relationships and these‬ ‪people around them. This is akin to‬ ‪having the Emperor on your side.‬ ‪They should have the confidence to‬ ‪go for their dreams. Having this star‬ ‪will help them overcome obstacles‬ ‪and petty people. This helps bring‬ ‪success in career, good fortune,‬ ‪smooth executions of projects,‬ ‪reaching of targets, heightened‬ ‪clarity and foresight, abundant opportunities, business, and money‬ ‪luck. Therefore, it will be good to set‬ ‪clear goals and targets at the start‬ ‪of the year as great accomplishments await them. The noble people‬ ‪around them will bring opportunities to grow their wealth.‬

This also means that they will‬ ‪encounter numerous opportunities‬ ‪from their network of connections.‬ ‪It will be good to go out and socialize to further enhance their network‬ ‪opportunities. They should keep‬ ‪in mind to give credit where credit‬ ‪is due and acknowledge the people‬ ‪around them. It is the people you‬ ‪meet on the way up that will help‬ ‪you when times get rough. They‬ ‪should strengthen their relationships both at work and at home. But‬ ‪amid all the social functions and‬ ‪events, they should pay special attention to their diet and food. They‬ ‪should be conscious about getting‬ ‪enough sleep and eating healthy.‬ ‪They should also not neglect spending time with their family and loved‬ ‪ones.‬

This auspicious star also bodes‬ ‪well for their career and business.‬ ‪This means that they will be able‬ ‪to start or finally complete projects‬ ‪that have long been in the making.‬ ‪It is the chance for them to show‬ ‪their capabilities and skills and‬ ‪build a name for themselves in their‬ ‪chosen field.‬

Opportunities for career breakthroughs will open up for them.‬ ‪But to be worthy of being given the‬ ‪top position, they should be honest with themselves and take stock‬ ‪of what they can really do. If they‬ ‪feel there is room for improvement‬ ‪in whatever aspect they zero in on,‬ ‪then this year is the time to work on‬ ‪it.‬

To further enhance this, it will‬ ‪be good for them to have a Golden‬ ‪Cicada on their work desk to help them become the star in their chosen corner of the‬ ‪world.‬

The “Dragon Virtue Star” helps the‬ ‪Dog keep misfortune and enemies under‬ ‪control. It helps convert the negative into‬ ‪positive and gives them an overall sense‬ ‪of positivity. This auspicious star offers‬ ‪protection and enables them to dissolve‬ ‪trouble easily. This will enable them to‬ ‪mitigate undesirable situations and successfully deal with whatever problems that‬ ‪may arise. It brings them that power to‬ ‪bring negative issues to an end. Therefore,‬ ‪they may encounter a lot of moments of‬ ‪receiving blessings in disguise throughout‬ ‪the year. This star allows them to pursue‬ ‪their ambitions and go for long-shelved‬ ‪projects.‬

‪Having a Dragon Emperor Throne will‬ ‪help them maximize the luck of this star.‬ ‪The “Sky Disaster Star” makes the Dog‬ ‪prone to small and minor accidents. They‬ ‪should not brush off trivial matters and‬ ‪take the necessary travel and safety precautions. They should be wary of their surroundings to avoid losing things or getting‬ ‪robbed. It will be good to invest in travel‬ ‪insurance and be choosy about their travel‬ ‪destinations. They should be careful when‬ ‪driving, crossing the street, or handling‬ ‪tools and machinery.‬

‪It also may sound trivial, but they‬ ‪should be focused at whatever task they‬ ‪have at hand like putting on their pants or‬ ‪getting out of the shower or going up the‬ ‪stairs. This is because one small misstep‬ ‪can bring minor but inconvenient accidents. If they don’t pay heed to this star it‬ ‪may affect their health and well-being and‬ ‪rain on the parade of the auspicious stars.‬

It is best to always carry a Safety Medallion with them at all times.‬

The presence of the “Sudden Defeat‬ ‪Star” means that the Dog has to be vigilant‬ ‪to sudden changes. This star has a way of‬ ‪making things turn the other way and not‬ ‪go as expected. Sudden and impulsive decisions may also bring sudden losses. They‬ ‪should keep in mind that even if they do‬ ‪have numerous auspicious stars favorably‬ ‪shining on them, it does not give them license to be rash and take big risks. As with‬ ‪anything, it is best if they consult a professional first and turn to their benefactors‬ ‪for advice.‬

When it comes to their health, it will always be good to get a second opinion. They‬ ‪should not take unnecessary risks and‬ ‪have a backup plan. Sometimes though,‬ ‪the effect of this star is quite trivial but annoying, nonetheless. It could manifest as‬ ‪delayed schedules or setbacks in timetables, so it is still best if they plan ahead and‬ ‪allow for some leeway. They should double-check time schedules and be meticulous‬ ‪about their documents, dates, deadlines,‬ ‪and expiration dates such as visa expiry‬ ‪date and the like.‬

The "Sky Sha Star" indicates that the‬ ‪Dog will get easily into arguments with‬ ‪other people around you. Keep your temper in check so that this will not lead to‬ ‪more conflict. This star also denotes that‬ ‪important people around you may not lend‬ ‪you the support you need, and may make‬ ‪you feel that you are dealing with challenges and obstacles all alone. This may be‬ ‪more psychological than not, so be realistic when requesting help from others so as‬ ‪not to be disappointed.‬

Possible health issues may arise for the‬ ‪Dog this year due to the presence of the‬ ‪“Yellow Flag Star." They should then be‬ ‪conscious of this and prioritize their health‬ ‪and well-being above all else. They should‬ ‪be wary of potential injuries and accidents‬ that may come up, so they do not expose‬ ‪themselves to unnecessary risk if possible.‬

As long as they adopt a healthy lifestyle, address health issues as soon they‬ ‪crop up and give themselves time to sleep‬ ‪and rest, then this shouldn’t be too worrisome.‬

It is best if they have a Brass Longevity‬ ‪Peach on their bedside table and in the appropriate sector of their home or bedroom.‬

‪Elements Forecast

‪Wood Dog
You will have a push this year to expand your career or your business. As a‬ ‪result, try to seek help from experts in the‬ ‪field or your superiors at work to take advantage of their experience and their nuggets of wisdom. Collaborate with peers and‬ ‪colleagues as well to get more results than‬ ‪you would get than if you did things on‬ ‪your own. Try to foster your relationship‬ ‪with your family as well this year to bring‬ ‪you more luck.‬

‪Fire Dog
For the Fire Dogs, aim to find activities‬ ‪to keep you engaged and learning continuously. This will help your emotional‬ ‪and social well-being. Don’t give your‬ ‪trust easily to people you don’t know or‬ ‪those that reach out to you out of the blue.‬ ‪Pay attention to your health and eat more‬ ‪nutritious food, avoid ones that are detrimental to health, and exercise regularly.‬

Earth Dog
This is a good year to be bold and push‬ ‪the envelope with your career and your‬ ‪investments. Make sure you balance the‬ ‪risk and rewards and don’t aim for a quick‬ ‪buck. Don’t act impulsively and study‬ ‪things carefully. You may‬ ‪be able to start a business‬ ‪venture that you’ve been contemplating or a new role or job that you’ve been‬ ‪thinking about. Be careful when traveling‬ ‪this year to avoid accidents.‬

Golden Dog
The year looks promising for your career, as there will be opportunities to increase your scope and your breadth of‬ ‪work, and you will get recognition for it.‬ ‪Embrace these opportunities to show your‬ ‪talents to the world. You will have the help‬ ‪of backers and you will achieve your goals‬ ‪easily if you seek out their help. Choose‬ ‪your collaborators carefully and make‬ ‪sure they are trustworthy and have your‬ ‪back.‬

Water Dog
Innovation and new ideas will be important for you this year to achieve the‬ ‪best results, so put on your thinking cap‬ ‪and involve others to brainstorm creative‬ ‪ideas for a business venture, expansion‬ ‪or corporate project. Ensure diversity of‬ ‪thought in your team so that you can get‬ ‪the best possible ideas from different areas. Don’t fall victim to complacency and‬ ‪always try to push yourself forward.‬

‪Monthly Guide‬
This table below gives an overview of‬ ‪the monthly trend and how the Dogs will‬ ‪fare. The months with a ✓ means that it‬ ‪will be a pretty good and smooth month.‬ ‪The months with an ~ signifies an average luck month where some aspects will‬ ‪be okay but other aspects may encounter‬ ‪some obstacles. The months with a X signify that the luck is weak so it will be good‬ ‪to prepare and exercise extra caution. The‬ ‪start date of the months is also indicated.‬