Dress for prosperity with the Year for the Rabbit’s lucky colors

Here are some style inspirations on how to wear some of this year’s auspicious hues 

Much like other holidays, the Lunar New Year is made special with history, traditions, and stories. It is a time dedicated to wishing good fortune and grand get-togethers. What makes it also stand out among other holidays are the superstitions that go with it. From prosperity charms and auspicious setups to sacred dances and must-have food, the celebration is all about inviting good spirits and energy as people welcome the new year. 

This 2023, we are about to welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit. And if you’re among those who are preparing to lure good fortune in the coming year, you might want to get a little creative when it comes to selecting your hues, especially, with your wardrobe. As Feng Shui master Patrick Lim Fernandez forecasted, the upcoming year will be great for the creative field, which also involves hobbies and personal expressions. What could be the best example of self-expression that fashion? Below are some of the lucky colors of the year and some style inspirations on how you can get infuse them into your wardrobe. 

Forest Green

The color green is associated with the wood element. According to predictions, water and wood energies perfectly complement each other, offering a harmonious connection. The hue also represents renewal and fresh energy, making it a perfect color to don this year.

How to wear: The human eye sees green better than other colors. Go monochromatic with it and explore different silhouettes. Maxi dresses are easy breezy, transitional pieces. While going utilitarian assures an edgy look. 

Azure Blue 

A color for peace and freedom, azure blue is reported as one of the lucky colors of the year. Blue generally represents the element of water. But according to Feng Shui, azure blue also fortifies good luck, especially in negotiating deals. 

How to wear: Blues is one of the uncomplicated colors when it comes to dressing. You can never go wrong by trying prints with it or pushing for a full casual look with denim.


Representing love and kindness, pink will continue its reign this year, not only because it is charming but because it can help you attract positive relationships. The Rabbit is also a Peach Blossom sign, which is known for bringing energies of romance. Donning more pink could be beneficial to people already in a relationship or others who are looking for one.

How to wear: You can wear pink as subtly or as loudly as you want. Channel its romantic vibe with heart prints or by donning geometric patterns to offset its sweetness. Its lighter version is also a must-keep in your wardrobe.


Perhaps the most recognizable color in Feng Shui, red has been long associated with power and passion. Many experts believe that red helps in enhancing wealth. It is also not surprising to know that red represents the fire element. The thing is, Feng Shui is all about finding a good balance, and incorporating red in your wardrobe could help with synergy this Year of the Water Rabbit. 

How to wear: With red, think of it as either the color you work around with or the perfect finishing touch. A good red blouse, dress, or shirt could be paired with an oversized coat for that luxe and chill look. Accessories with a touch of red can be the accent you need for your muted ’fits.

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