Carlo Aquino teams up with Japanese star Takehiro Hira

Carlo Aquino is currently in Japan shooting a movie.

Lauren Dyogi shared several behind-the-scenes photos relating the film in social media.

According to the Star Magic head, it is among collaborative projects of ABS-CBN.

To star with Carlo in the said film is Japanese Hollywood actor Takehiro Hira and Sho Ikushima.

Also playing an important role in the film is Kei Kurosawa, a half-Japanese talent who is also managed by Star Magic.

The film is directed by Donie Ordiales, who is currently based in Tokyo.

"Exciting to watch Carlo perform alongside veteran international artists. Hira-San has the intensity, maturity and aura of a seasoned thespian," Lauren related. "Iba enegy nila together. What a privilege to witness this cinematic magic unfold."

In another post, Lauren shared another update.

He said: "Nakakakilig to be back on the set and just observing people’s behavior. It’s a privilege to withess both actors from the Phils and Japan who are similar in a lot of ways."

"Intense in their preparation, of being in the zone before the shoot and giving their 101% in every take," he added.

Lauren believes it's really a "great opportunity" for Carlo to be working in a totally different environment, with a crew of mixed nationalities.

He revealed: "Japanese, French DOP, Australian Scriptcon, European MMA fighter LM and helmed by a Filipino director. And acting side by side with a Japanese, Hollywood actor @takehiro49 whose professionalism is admirable. He rides the service with the staff, arrives early on the set, quietly prepares for his scenes and always on the set when needed."

In any case, he feels proud that Carlo doesn’t seem intimidated, or at least he doesn’t show it.

"He comes prepared and ready every shooting day kahit English pa majority of his dialogues," he pointed out. "Talagang pang international productions na mga artista ng Star Magic!"

Lauren then praises the former child star, who has been in the business for almost three decades now.

"Layo na ng growth and maturity ni Carlo from his “Gmik” days with me but even at that time he has shown so much potential to be a very good actor. He is a very intuitive artist," he said.

"Seeing Hira-San and Carlo collaborating with Direk Donie is fascinating. They bounce off ideas to make a scene better and more meaningful. Great actors will provide nuances that will make memorable characters and make the film more alive and dynamic. I learn as well by just being on this set."

He ended: "Dumadali trabaho ng director at lalong makakainspire when you cast very good actors na madaling katrabaho rin."