Rabiya Mateo blamed for Celeste Cortesi's failed Miss U bid

An online user is blaming Rabiya Mateo for Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi's non-placement at the 71st edition of the annual international beauty pageant.

The basher wrote: “G*ga ka kc lakas mo mka jinxed ! ! ! ! wla tuloy tayong placement for the first time since 2010. Dinamay mo pa sa kamalasan mo si Celeste. Kaloka.”

Rabiya didn't let it slide.

She posted: “Can someone help me locate this person so I can message the company she/he is working from and tell them how their employee react on social media? Name, address and full details.”

Rabiya also shared the screenshot of the basher's profile on her Instagram story.

“Since she went on private, let me teach this one a lesson. Can someone send me her name, address and where she/he works from? Our actions have legalities. Let me teach you a serious lesson Madame,” the text in it read.

Prior to the coronation night, Rabiya posted on social media: "Victory is ours! 5th crown for the country. Since Day 1, I saw how determined you are Babe. Thank you for making the country proud @celeste_cortesi!"

Unfortunately, Celeste failed to enter the top 16, ending the Philippines' 12-year semis streak.