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Entertainment Personality (EP) has indeed left his past behind and moved on to an alleged new relationship and a business at that. Sometime ago, EP shocked showbiz by ending his relationship to someone whom many believe was important to his career. Moreover, the grapevine claimed that someone was instrumental in making EP an influential figure.

As EP moved out of that shadow, he continued doing what he loves to do. The results were fine and EP was making waves. However, EP seemed to be hounded with controversy given that his statements were taken in bad light. Time cleared things and everyone once again moved on.

These days, EP has been seen with a Non-showbiz Woman (NW). NW is assumed to be the partner of EP, who is said to be supportive of NW’s venture. He has been spotted in NW’s business spot. Speculations have even indicated that EP could be a part owner, too. Adding to this business partnership rumor is the romantic angle. EP and NW are quite serious in their relationship. How true is that they are already engaged? Looks like EP finally found his peace and love.

‘Whatever he had found, it made him a better person. Maybe that's what love was, finding the person who brings out the best in you and eliminates the worst.’ ― Diana Holquist

Goodbye, paradise

After years of keeping the extent of their relationship from the public eye, pretending to be in a certain state to ensure the truth is kept private, the effort seems to be futile.

When Dashing Actor (DA) and Showbiz Girlfriend (SG) revealed their relationship, they made many fans happy. Fans love it when their idols transcend the reel to real. Except for a few doubters, DA and SG proved their love by fighting for it. Family did not matter as long as they were together.
Fast forward to many years, rumors are loud that their little paradise has shown cracks and might already be over. Allegedly, DA felt he was belittled by SG’s family. DA would be left behind whenever SG and her family attended gatherings despite a bond that holds the two tightly. Rather than develop resentment over the fact that SG seems unable to fight for them anymore, he chose to move away. Instead of such resentment leading to arguments, DA did the noble thing.

However, another side of the story did not paint DA well. That story claimed DA was not a good provider and spent time playing games instead of using his time better. He would rather drink with pals and have a good time. Thus, SG has had enough and their relationship was strained.

Although no formal announcement of the breakup has been made by either DA or SG, social media is making followers of DA wonder. DA has been seen in a post with Female Influencer (FI). The post has sparked speculations if DA has indeed ended his relationship with SG and found solace in the arms of FI. If true, 2022 started well but ended disappointingly for DA and SG.

‘You're not looking for perfection in your partner. Perfection is all about the ego. With soulmate love, you know that true love is what happens when disappointment sets in - and you're willing to deal maturely with these disappointments.’ − Karen Salmansohn

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