VIRAL: Why this mom tracked down daughter on Roblox

If you’re a parent of young children, you’d be familiar with the online gaming app for kids, Roblox. But, unlike most parents who just let their children play the game, 30-year-old Chariel Watson can navigate through the game. 

A single parent to her 11-year-old daughter Miracle Golden (her dad passed away early on), Watson has her hands fuller than usual and would ask her daughter to help her out from time to time. 

LOGGING INTO ROBLOX. Watson finally found her daughter.

“I ran to the store and she was at home with her grandmother, but her grandmother was working so I knew she wouldn’t be able to answer,” she told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “ I tried calling twice. I instantly went to track her down on Roblox, because I figured that’s where she would be. Unfortunately, when you answer your phone on Roblox, it will kick you out of the server game that you are currently playing, so I knew that was probably the case.”

She shared her experience on Facebook with screenshots of her pulling up in a white sedan, "Take the lasagna out of the freezer and garlic bread so I can cook it."

When asked how she was able to look for her daughter so quickly, she revealed, “It was not the first time I had been on the game, but this was the first time to get on the game and ask her to do a real life task.” She also added that it’s normal for the two of them to be in Roblox. “I play with her often as a way to bond with her, and she loves it!”

Another tip from Watson is that once you have an account in Roblox, it can reveal what sub-games your friends are playing while on the platform. “So under her username, it said she was in a game called ‘Berry Avenue’ which is like a role playing game that I play with her often.”

MOMMY AND ME. Chariel Watson with daughter Miracle

Watson also shares some tips for parents who are going through the parenting stage as her. “My advice for other parents is to encourage them to download the game—not just when you’re trying to get in touch with your child but also to bond and let them teach you something. You also get to see what your child is interested in and how smart they are because it has so many different games to choose from.”