Seventeen starts new year with BSS unit comeback after 5 years 

Five years after releasing their first digital single “Just Do It,”, K-pop group Seventeen’s special unit BSS will be making a comeback.

BSS, composed of Seventeen’s Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi, will be releasing their first single album “Second Wind” on Feb. 6.

The name BSS is the acronym of “BooSeokSoon,” each of the three letters taken from the Korean names of the three members.

BSS released “Just Do It” in March 2018.

The first teaser for the upcoming single album was released on Seventeen’s social media accounts earlier this week, with the opening line from the unit’s first single “Ladies and gentlemen, they call us BSS,” overlaid on an image of a running track. A series of teasers are expected to follow in the weeks leading up to the release.

Teaser for BSS' upcoming single album (Pledis Entertainment)