Bishop supports gender equity, inclusivity

Caritas Philippines president Kidapawan Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo has expressed support for gender equity and inclusivity.

“The Catholic Church is fully supportive of gender equity and inclusivity,” said Bishop Bagaforo during the recent online Meaningful Conversation 2 on Embracing Equity. The virtual event was organized by Caritas Philippines Academy to commemorate International Women’s Day.

“There can only be total and genuine holistic community development in a country when all of the sectors of society are protected particularly women and the youth,” said the chairman of the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Social Justice and Peace.

“At Caritas Philippines, we believe that holistic community development can only happen when women, children and the youth are protected, nurtured and given sufficient access to resources and capacity building opportunities. As an organization founded on Christian Gospel values, we are committed to ‘Promoting Gender Equity and Inclusivity in a workplace,” the Church leader said over Radio Veritas.

Caritas Philippines is the social action arm of the CBCP.

“One of the programs of Caritas Philippines that is being implemented in different parishes and dioceses around the country is the SHeG Program for women particularly mothers and wives. This program empowers women to be economically productive as well as orients them on health and nutrition,” the prelate said.

The theme for this year’s Women’s Month Celebration was “WE for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society” which calls for social equality and inclusivity for all genders particularly women.