Manila is 'most loving capital city’ in the world — study

Manila is the most loving capital city in the world, according to a study.

In a study by the Crossword Solver, it was found out that for every 100,000 tweets sent from Manila, 1,246 of them contained words of endearment, making it the "most loving capital city" in the world.


Geotagged tweets posted all over the world that contained variations of the phrase "love you," including "love u" and "

They then calculated the proportion of these "loving" tweets per 100,000 overall to "determine which location was more loving than others."

"Love is at the core of most families, and immediate and extended family are considered very important in Filipino culture," the study read.

"Younger generations are also known to wear their heart on their sleeve online: the concept of hugot (a Filipino word meaning to express deep emotion) is spread among friends, family, and romantic partners through poignant quotes, music, and videos," it added.

In a previous poll, the study also showed that 93 percent of people in the Philippines say they feel love on a typical day -- the highest percentage of any country in the world.

Following Manila in the list of most loving capital cities were Guatemala City, Guatemala; Luanda, Angola; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Mexico City, Mexico.

Guatemala was named the "most loving country" in the world, with 2,217 loving tweets per 100,000.

Honduras, Bolivia, South Korea, and Algeria ranked third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Meanwhile, the "most loving city" is Cochabamba in Bolivia, with 2,878 loving tweets per 100,000.

It was followed by Villa Nueva, Guatemala, and San Pedro Sula in Honduras.