Martin Nievera comforts Jed Madela

Martin Nievera was quick to air support to fellow singer Jed Madela who was bashed recently on social media.

On Facebook, Martin told Jed: "You are what we call, 'a singers singer,' there is no other voice I know that is as consistently powerful and as consistently in tune and in shape as your voice! You sing and we all are all left with our mouths open in envy. I can list down so many singers who will agree with me! You are amazing Jed! Much better than words can say so don’t let words bring you down!"

Note that prior, Jed admitted he once thought about quitting showbiz.

He explained this was due to how the industry was treating him.

“Minsan parang kinukuwestiyon ko ang sarili ko na, ‘Is it still worth it to stay and keep singing?’ na mukhang wala naman, e, wala namang pumapansin... Na parang mas pinapansin na nila yung mas bata, mga bago,” was how he put it.

“And for a while, I considered stopping na lang kasi hindi na ako masaya. Hindi na ako masaya how the industry was treating me... Na parang binibigay ko lahat. My entire life, I’ve given so much love and passion sa music industry... And then there were times naman na bigla na lang I didn’t hear anybody call my name, or call me, or ask for me."

Jed admitted that sometimes, he just wants "appreciation."

"Mapa-feel lang na yung efforts ko were not in vain."

A netizen reacted: "Kahit mag stop ka, di marararamdaman absence mo! Ang daming mga bagong singers na magagaling at fresh na, down to earth pa."

Jed deemed the naysayer a "mean person."

He related: "I’m trying to understand what happiness or satisfaction this post gives to this person but I can’t seem to piece it together. Oh well…"