K-pop boy band CIX member Bae Jin-young not bullied, his agency says 

The agency of K-pop boy band CIX member Bae Jin-young denied claims that he was bullied during the group's world tour in Europe.

Bae Jin-young is a well-known member of CIX. Before joining the group, he was a member of K-pop boy band Wanna One, which became very popular.

K-pop star Bae Jin-young (2nd from left) with other CIX members in Europe (Twitter)

CIX in Europe (Twitter)

Recently, a video surfaced online allegedly showing that Bae Jin-young was ostracized by other members of CIX and fans during their second world tour in Europe.

In a notice, C9 Entertainment, CIX’s agency, said Bae Jin-young was not ostracized and the video was edited.

Here is C9 Entertainment’s statement about the controversy:


Hello. This is C9 Entertainment.

First of all, we ask for your understanding for the fact that it took a lot of time to check the facts more accurately as the incident happened abroad, Europe.

We have organized the false contents and facts that are being distributed in relation to the specific video filmed in the concert hall.

1. Regarding the maliciously edited video of member BAEJINYOUNG during the concert.(Attached Video 1)

- An unedited video of the before and after process of the video is attached.(Attached Video 2)

(*The part corresponding to the edited Attached Video 1 is between 00:38 and 00:49 of the Attached Video 2)

- Contrary to the false information being spread, we can confirm that there was no ostracism against BAEJINYOUNG.

- Accordingly, we have requested MyMusicTaste, the tour organizer, to file a civil and criminal lawsuit against the first audience who maliciously edited and distributed the video.

2. Throwing objects such as water bottles and dolls on stage

- Before each concert, we strongly requested the organizers to proceed with thorough guidance, such as prohibiting the act of throwing objects on the stage in advance.

- In fact, from the first concert, related notices were posted in writing. And, when entering the concert hall, the notice was announced even before the start of the concert again.

- Nevertheless, there was an audience throwing dolls and slogans at the first concert in Warsaw.

- Regarding this, we strongly raised a problem with the organizer of the concert, and there was no problem afterwards, however at the last concert in Berlin, bracelets and dolls were thrown again.

- We are holding the organizer responsible for not ejecting the audience who threw objects at the concert, and we are also demanding stronger measures to prevent recurrence.

- In addition, on this tour, the facts are being distorted as if the object was only thrown at member BAEJINYOUNG, but the doll was also thrown at member SEUNGHUN, and all members were targeted as well. The thrown object is distorted as a water bottle, but it were doll, bracelet, and slogan, not a water bottle.

3. Regarding the statement that BAEJINYOUNG was ostracized from all tour cities including Berlin, the location of the malicious editing video.

- We have confirmed the facts for all the personnel who participated in the tour, and this is also not true at all. False facts are being spread without any evidence in this regard.

- If the contents are not deleted immediately, we will proceed with civil and criminal actions.

4. Regarding the spread of false facts such as YouTube channels

- We are currently notifying YouTube channels that have posted related content based on false content to delete their content.

- If the content is not deleted after a week has elapsed, we plan to seek civil and criminal responsibility for this by mobilizing all possible means.

*Please understand that not immediately proceeding with civil and criminal charges is only in consideration of the fact that we inevitably took time to confirm the exact facts of the case happened abroad, Europe.

As can be seen through the above vindicated videos and images, this case is a clear criminal act by malicious manipulation. CIX members are a team that is working harder than anyone else to achieve the same goal based on trust and friendship among members.

We will continue to do our best to achieve the goals that the members want to achieve. We will also do our best for the safety and healthy activities of the members. Please give lots of interest and support to CIX in the future.

Once again, we apologize for the fact that it took a considerable amount of time to check the facts more accurately.

Thank you.