CCP Main Theater closes its doors for 2023, reveals shows and renovations

Cultural Center of The Philippines president Margie Moran-Floirendo and Teresa Rances Department Manager for Administrative Services check the renovations at the CCP Main Theater.

By Carissa Alcantara

Welcoming 2023, the Cultural Center of The Philippines (CCP) closes its doors to the public as it undergoes renovations.

Spearheaded by Teresa Rances, CCP's Department Manager for Administrative Services, media guests and the CCP board of trustees and officials got the chance to look at the current renovations at the 53-year-old building.

According to Teresa, the budget for the project initially cost Php900 million from the Artist Center budget.

But with the other elements of the Main Theater, like the hydraulic lift, freight elevator, LED lights, rigging system, and acoustics, it may take another funding source.

The renovation will start this year and, hopefully, make a comeback to the public in 2026.

Aside from the numerous renovations listed, the Main Theater's iconic look will remain with a touch of modern designs.

"We have to maintain the old look, but we will just be adding new touches. As far as the interior is concerned, it will be upgraded, it will be more modern, and it will be more in tuned to the needs of the 21st Century," said CCP Board Trustee Junie del Mundo.

After the first part of the institutional presscon, the guests were invited to the Black Box Theater, also known as the Tanghalang Ignacio Jimenez, for the presentation of the artistic shows this year.

Despite having the main theater closed, performances and programs will continue to expand outside CCP Complex.

Dennis Marasigan, CCP's Vice President and Artistic Director, revealed that traditional shows like Virgin Labfest and Cinemalaya will continue this year.

"Our Virgin Labfest and Cinemalaya will still be held this year. Virgin Labfest will now have its new home here at the Tanghalang Ignacio Jimenez. We hope to expand it again to a three-week program like it was before. It is one of our highly attended shows," Dennis said.

Dennis added that the venue for the upcoming Cinemalaya is still in the works.

"Cinemalay will continue, and we're making negotiations to make sure that it still happens within the CCP Complex," he added.

The resident companies, such as the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Philippine Madrigal Singers, and more, will continue with their regular shows.

"Our resident companies will continue to have their regular seasons and residency, but their performances will be in different theaters in Metro Manila. Right now, we are finalizing negotiations with Samsung Performing Arts Theater, Metropolitan Theater, and even Newport Performing Arts Theater," Dennis added.