'Amoy Baby' all day long

For someone who feels like smelling fresh all day is a challenge, meeting people who don’t seem to sweat leaves you perplexed. How come the perfume you wear doesn’t linger? It’s a mystery how someone can smell so nice throughout the day without constantly spritzing. 

But it appears that the answer to this mystery is a trending hack on TikTok layering lotion and fragrance together. 

While the hack can be a combination of any lotion and fragrance, some TikTok users discovered that combining lotions and fragrances of the same fragrance note is more effective. 

A local fragrance line has ridden this trend, making this magical lotion-perfume pairing better. 

"We saw the demand for a lotion to best pair with our best-selling fragrance spray for this TikTok trending hack. So we’ve crafted a lotion version of Blackwater Women Desire Deo Spray—the Blackwater Desire Perfume Lotion," said Abegail Ilagan, Blackwater's brand supervisor.

Since its launch, the product has been talked about online. "TikTok users are sharing their experiences about Blackwater Desire Perfume Lotion. And in just two days, videos about the product got a total of around 1M views already on TikTok."

Most of the trending videos about the product are tips on how to better use Blackwater Desire Perfume Lotion in combination with Blackwater Women Desire Deo Spray. These videos also mention how the scent mimics "Amoy-Baby" (perception of freshness). Such smell is attributable to its unique fragrance combination of  aldehydes (which heightens the projection of scent), orange, geranium, violet, lily, rose, and musk

It just takes two steps to have the "Amoy Baby" aroma the entire day. First is to generously spread the lotion on your arms and legs. Then spray the Blackwater Women Desire Deo Spray. You’re ready to smell good and feel fresh for the day!

The benefit of this hack is not just the nice long-lasting fragrance. Using the lotion also helps your skin hydrate, evens out skin tone, and gives you a smoother skin texture. "Our lotion is infused with potent skincare ingredients. It has Niacinamide that helps brighten the skin, Vitamin E that aids in locking in skin moisture, and Sunscreen Filter that protects your skin from sun damage."

This alcohol-free, paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free lotion comes in a 600ml bottle for only P240. Complete the great-value-for-money hack with the equally affordable Blackwater Women Desire Deo Spray for only P199.

The "Amoy Baby" lotion-perfume combination is exclusively available at Ever Bilena Direct Sales Dealers, Shopee, Lazada, and Tiktok Shop.