Abby Clutario on doing remakes

Reviving a song is always a dicey thing particularly for a musician trying to establish a foothold in the industry.

For one it could actually backfire, mainly with fans of the song easily not liking the manner by which you tackled something they consider quite personal to them.

Then there's the possibility of it being dismissed as poor copy.

So how do you go about it?

For indie musician Abby Clutario, doing a cover is a balancing act.

She told us, "A musician should make sure to balance everything."

This, she said, should apply "if you're recording or performing" a certain song.

Asked to illuminate further, Abby related how one should always try to be true to the "intention" of any given song.

She explained, "Ibig sabihin kaya yan ginawa ng composer, kaya yan ni-record ng ganyan is because it is how they hear it."

It is as such that Abby believes than even before a musician attempts to do a cover version of a song, he or she should study and analyze it first.

She admitted it's a huge challenge but it's the only way to go about it.

Then there's the matter of putting your own stamp on it.

Note that Abby is known for her adept use of the Chapman Stick, an electric instrument that looks like a guitar but with approximately 10-12 strings.

She is one of only two people that uses the instrument here.

Abby makes use of the instrument in doing a cover of UDD's beloved hit "Tadhana," her debut single for AltG Records.

No doubt, her version of the song is different, original, unique.

But what if fans don't like it?

Abby is not bothered.

She said, "Dapat sa sarili mo, gusto mo yung ginawa mo. Once you're there, kahit pakinggan ng iba na pangit, it's not your concern."

To those eager to carve a niche in the industry, she advised, "Have the tools. Be passionate. Be creative. Kung gusto mong matutong magbasa ng notes, gusto mong magsulat, go ahead."

She added, "Listen to everything. You don't have to like them all. But at least, you're aware dun sa type of music. Ano yung sikat, ano yung trending, sino yung bagong banda...Lahat ng pwede mong i-absorb, i-absorb mo."