Teves says PNP to blame if something 'dire, violent' happens to him

Negros Oriental 3rd district Rep. Arnie Teves, who is at odds with the Philippine National Police (PNP), warned his House colleagues Monday, Jan. 30 that something "dire" and "violent" might happen to him.

Negros Oriental 3rd district Rep. Arnie Teves (Screenshot from YouTube livestream)

In a privilege speech during plenary session Monday afternoon, Teves read aloud his open letter to President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., wherein he slammed the alleged harassment he has been suffering from law enforcement authorities.

"We saw a press release from the Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) of about the status of my License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF), wherein I was specifically mentioned and accused of submitting 'spurious documents'," he said.

The at-times feisty Teves was referring to events that led to the revocation of his LTOPF, which he claims was done in "clear violation of due process".

"If documents submitted were “spurious”, why was I issued a LTOPF in the first place?...Moreover, I was not informed personally of the revocation of my license, a clear violation of due process. Verily, any cancellation based upon whimsical or capricious acts of the PNP (or any agency for that matter) is a proscription of the Bill of Rights," he said.

Teves went on to criticize the PNP leadership for taking way his security personnel.

"As the unkindest cut (so to speak), my assigned bodyguards were recalled, with the PNP chief saying that my security personnel should come from the PSPG (Police Security and Protection Group). In contrast, my political opponent in the province has more than 10 government-issued bodyguards, some of them reportedly coming from the military," he claimed.

"My question is this: are all public officials similarly situated as I am, all have security only from the PSPG? If not, then it now appears that I am being set up for something that will result in dire consequences for me," he said.

The former deputy speaker added: "If the PNP leadership is complicit in this matter, and something violent happens to me, I dare say that the PNP will have my blood on their hands."

Turning to the President, Teves further said: "I am thus humbly appealing to Your Excellency to set this matter aright, before the situation escalates to such a degree that it might collaterally adversely affect the present Administration, a consummation that the undersigned does not want to happen."

"I know that Your Excellency is deeply concerned that the rule of law shall be followed in all levels of the government, and public positions should not be used to harass anybody," he noted.

"We hope for a favorable response to this letter, and the undersigned takes this opportunity to assure His Excellency of his continued highest esteem and that he remains," Teves concluded.

He also asked the House Committee on Public Order and Safety to conduct a motu proprio investigation on his case.