People must remember The Holocaust — Israel envoy

Israel Ambassador to the Philippines Ilan Fluss has called on the people not to forget the horror of The Holocaust, which killed millions of Jewish people in an attempt to annihilate the population.

Fluss made the call as the Israel Embassy in Manila and the Office of the Vice President commemorated on January 27 the International Holocaust Remembrance Day—an event he described as "the darkest time in human history—especially for the Jewish people."

Israeli Ambassador Ilan Fluss lights a candle to commemorate the Holocaust. Also in photo is VP and DepEd Sec. Sara Duterte. (Israel Embassy in Manola)

"The Holocaust was an unprecedented genocide, perpetrated by Nazi Germany, its aim being to annihilate the entire Jewish people. It was a calculated operation of mass murder the scale of which had never been seen before," the diplomat said in his speech.

Fluss then urged the people not to let the same mass genocide happen in the future as "today we are witnessing voices of denial of the holocaust

and increasing antisemitism."

He said the people "must remember, learn, teach, educate, and say—never again."

"We must develop educational programs that will inculcate future generations with the lessons of the Holocaust," he added.

Fluss expressed his gratitude to Vice President Sara Duterte, who is also the Education secretary, for organizing the commemoration in all Department of Education (DepEd) schools and facilities.

He also remembered how the Philippines helped to save thousands of fleeing Jews.

"In this context, the Philippines is a shining light. President Quezon welcomed over 1,300 Jewish refugees into the Philippines in 1939. He saved not only those individuals, but also their future families," he added.