MTRCB partners with Viva to promote responsible viewership

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) on Friday, Jan. 27, signed a partnership with Vivamax, Inc (Viva) to promote "Responsableng Panonood" or Responsible Viewership.

Courtesy of Viva Prime

In a statement, MTRCB said that this agreement will "carry out programs and activities that aid in the protection of the viewing public."

Vivamax also expressed its commitment to practice responsible self-regulation by providing adequate age-rating advisory on its Video-on-Demand (VOD) content, MTRCB added.

The media and entertainment company also assured to retain the parental control feature in its web streaming platforms.

Courtesy of Viva Prime

Meanwhile, MTRCB said that it will help Viva in its "rating, classification for its films, advertising, and marketing materials."

"Most importantly, with the consumer's well-being in mind, both parties agree to resolve any content-related concerns raised by the public in an amicable manner," MTRCB noted.

MTRCB Chairwoman Lala Sotto thanked Viva President Vincent del Rosario and his team for being the first ever Filipino-owned and operated VOD to join forces with the regulatory board for responsible viewership promotion.