Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shares how she planned Camille Villar's baby shower

Plus, many tips from this busy mom-of-two

It's been seven years since Congresswoman Camille Villar-Genuino gave birth to her son Tristan. So when she shared the good news that she's pregnant again, everyone around her couldnt't be any happier.

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, along with some of Villar-Genuino's closest friends Atty. Nalen Rosero and Congresswoman Pammy Zamora, planned a very intimate and special baby shower for her last Jan. 21 at M Dining with a total of 40 guests. "Seven years in the making! Camille definitely deserves it! We have been waiting for her son to have a sibling," she tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

With the help of Rodriguez' sister, Kaye Termulo Garcia, they were able to pull off a magical party for the expectant mom. "French carnival was the theme. My sister really knows the taste of Camille. She knows this is something that she would like. It was perfect. She has never done it and was actually saving the theme for herself but decided it was perfect for Cam," Rodriguez-Padilla adds.

The blooming mom had guests that included her husband's mom, sister, Mark Villar, among others. "Many people sang for Cam—Erica Reyes, her brother Paolo, Toni Gonzaga, Robin, Ruffa Gutierrez, Ciara Sotto, and more. We also had fun games," she reveals.

"Our most beautiful shower to date with the French Carnival theme by Kaye Termulo Garcia by Kaye Garcia Events. Classiest theme, attention to every detail, everything tastefully done! Wow, I can not thank you enough for this. We are all so excited to meet your baby girl, Camille and Erwin. She is so loved already. So happy for Tristan. To the best party planner partner, Nalen Rosero, I miss our texts already hahaha... Shalani Soledad-Romulo, love the bag giveaways, Grace Lee for Cam’s birthday cake, Pammy Zamora for being the awesome game master, and Brenda Heo for the unlimited champagne and wine. Big thanks to all of Camille’s friends for making it extra special. And also to our suppliers, Party Starters, Sound Salad, Cuppy Puppy Mommy, Bradam Enterprises, Truffle Peddler, Chef Tony, Little Coeco,Bella Morcen, and Little People Photo."

Rodriguez-Padilla also shares some tips with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle when it comes to planning parties, "Get a stylist who gets you. Kaye knows Camille well so we started from there. Secure the date with celebrant. Get a venue. Once you have all that, everything else is easy. I got Sound Salad band and they were perfect because we would still converse—it wasn’t too noisy. Everything was handled well by Maan of Party Starters. A gift registry is a must. Good for the giver and the recipient."

Congresswoman Camille Villar-Genuino is due to give birth this February.